Flocked sampling throat swab manufacturer


Flocked sampling throat swab manufacturer

Flocked sampling throat swab manufacturer

Company Profile:

Huachenyang factory was established in 2008, specializing in flocking cotton swabs,

Focus on the sampling field, sample collection solutions,The factory has 20 flocking swab production lines,

Not only the daily production capacity can reach 5 million flocking cotton swabs,There is also an automatic drug swab packaging production line.

We will also disinfect the products ready for shipment.

Sterilization methods are: EO, radiation sterilization and two sterilization methods.

Our products are trade all over the world, not only because we have complete qualifications,

And because of our product quality and service attitude, we have won praise from customers,So there are many repeat customers.

iClean flocking cotton swab is a registered trademark of Huachenyang


Product introduction:

The DNA extraction flocking swab produced by our company is made of nylon fiber flocking technology, and the front end is coated with nylon staple fiber fixed in a vertical manner.

There is no absorption hole inside the entire collection swab collection area, and DNA cells will not be dispersed and retained in the fiber, which is conducive to faster and more efficient elution.

The product is equipped with the company’s unique national preservation sleeve, and the swab is placed in the tube in the air to prevent the sample material from being contaminated due to the adhesion of the packaging.

The bottom of the tube is equipped with a special filter membrane to ensure the permeability of the air inside and outside the tube, prevent mildew of the test material, and filter out small particles of impurities in the outside air that may affect the quality of the test material, facilitating long-term storage of the sample.


Sampling swab export manufacturer

iClean flocking swab

Product features:

① .It is made of non-inhibitory DNA amplification materials, and it has been verified that it can be directly amplified by PCR, eliminating the need for extraction steps.
② . Adopt a single independent packaging to avoid pollution.
③ . Strict process conditions, no DNA enzyme, and amplifiable human DNA.
④ . The tube body is transparent, and the inspection materials are intuitively visible.
⑤ . The unique casing design ensures the air circulation in the casing, prevents the sample material from being mildewed due to the humid and sealed environment, and avoids magazine pollution in the outside air, which will affect the inspection quality.

Sampling kit,

Product advantages:

①  Designed specifically for DNA trace samples at crime scenes, especially for sweat, semen, blood, dander, oral cells,

And other trace samples, with excellent collection performance.

② The sample can be absorbed quickly and the sampling efficiency is high.

③ The front end is very sharp, suitable for extracting cells from the nails of the victim or suspect at the crime scene.

④ The back end of the cotton swab can be broken, which is conducive to the automatic extraction workstation for sample extraction.

⑤.packed the entire cotton swab in a transparent plastic tube to avoid biological contamination


Manufacturer details:


Manufacturer: Shenzhen Huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd.
Second-class medical equipment manufacturer
Guangdong Province Machinery Manufacturing Note: 20182410510
Registered name: Shenzhen Huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd.
Registered Address: 11th and 8th Floor, No. 4 Workshop, Hengchangrong High-tech Industrial Park, Shangnan East Road, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Flocking sampling throat swab manufacturer

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