How to use cervical swabs


How to use cervical swabs

How to use cervical swabs

Cervical swabs are also called cervical sampling swabs, cervical sampling swabs, disposable flocking cervical swabs, and cervical flocking swabs. They are disposable flocking swabs, aseptic sampling swabs, sterile cotton swabs, and one-time sterile Sampling cotton swabs, medical cotton swabs.


1.When sampling, if necessary, wipe off excessive secretions from the cervix with a swab, then extend the disposable sampling swab into the cervix, and gently rotate the swab 3 to 5 times clockwise during the trial period.

2.Slowly take out the disposable sampling swab, put it into the sampling tube containing the cell preservation solution, break off the tail of the excess swab at the mouth of the tube, and leave the swab head in the sampling tube.

3.Tighten, fully immerse the tip of the flocking in the vial, and tighten the cap tightly, record the patient’s name and ID number on the label and paste it on the vial, put the vial application into the specimen bag and transport it to laboratory.


1.Too many rotations will cause dilution or loss of the sample. Make sure that the disposable sampling swab does not touch any other objects.

2.Flocking has very light thorns on the skin. Before use, people who are allergic to flocking should rotate the sampling site slightly for allergy testing before using it.

3.This product is suitable for the inspection of biological samples taken from the natural cavity and other parts of people of any age.

4.This product is a one-time use product, please do not use it multiple times.

5.Before sampling, please check whether the package is intact. If it is damage, please stop using it immediately and contact the dealer or manufacturer for replacement.

6.If an allergic reaction occurs after use, please stop using it immediately.

7.Please dispose of it in accordance with the laws of your region.

8.It is best not to have sex within 48 hours before the examination.

9.Do not use vaginal douche, contraceptive ointment and other intravaginal drugs within 48 hours before the examination.

10.Do not apply acetic acid or iodine solution before the inspection.

11.It is not suitable for inspection during menstruation.

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