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iCleanhcy swabs


Product Description

The Single-use Samplers of Huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd. is improved from the Hanks virus preservation solution, which has different versions of formulas for different markets and customized requests. Compared with the traditional Hanks virus preservation solution, it has a better ability to maintain the integrity of the virus. At the same time, the positive rate of PCR detection and the positive rate of virus isolation is higher than the traditional Hanks virus preservation solution. It can be widely used in the collection and transportation of clinical influenza, COVID-19, avian influenza, hand, foot, and mouth disease, measles and other virus specimens, as well as chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma specimens.

Single-use Simplers Features

1. Virus collection is convenient and fast

2. Virus storage is convenient and effective

Single-use Simplers Operating Instruction

iCleanhcy swab recently provides mainly two kinds of disposable sampling kits for clinic specimens storage, isolation, and detection.

One is nasopharyngeal swab kits with an inactivating solution. The other kind is nasal swabs with UTM (universal transport medium or samples preservative fluid) that containing non-inactivating solution. We now have both nasal swab test kits with non-inactivated solution transport medium tube & inactivated solution preservative fluid tube available for your choices.

Our flocked swabs are recognized by many customers. iClean brand is sold in Europe and the United States. Flocked swabs are nylon fiber materials used for sample collection and nucleic acid detection. Our production base is in Shenzhen, China, with a daily production capacity of several million flocking swabs per day. The product has the aseptic qualification of class II medical devices in China

Swab packing: 5000 pieces per box

Gross weight: 7kg

Origin: Shenzhen

Manufacturer: huachenyang


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