Huachenyang flocked swabs


Huachenyang flocked swabs

Huachenyang flocked swabs

*Huachenyang Technology

You must have heard of Shenzhen huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd.,

with nasal swab registration certificate: yuexizhu Zhun: 20182410510, registered name: Shenzhen huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd.

the factory is located in beautiful Shenzhen Pengcheng, 10 minutes drive from Shenzhen International Airport

*Huachenyang’s main products:

The main products are flocking swabs, throat swabs, oral swabs, nasal swabs, sponge swabs, disposable virus sampling tubes.

The export enterprises are in the leading position in China, mainly exported to developed countries in Europe and America, and the products have passed CE, FDA, CMPA, ISO13485,

Huachenyang science and technology tells you that we have complete qualification and no worry about export.

Quality assured. 0755-27393226

*Hua Chenyang’s Flocking swabs

The DNA extracted flocking swabs produced by our company are made by nylon fiber flocking technology, and the front end is coated with nylon short fibers fixed vertically,

As a result, there is no absorption hole in the collection area of the whole swab, and DNA cells will not disperse and stay in the fiber, which is conducive to faster and more efficient elution.

The product is equipped with the unique national preservation sleeve of our company,

and the swab is placed in the tube in the air to prevent the sample from being contaminated due to package adhesion.

The bottom of the tube is equipped with a special filter membrane to ensure the air permeability inside and outside the tube,

prevent the test material from mildew, and filter out the small particles of impurities in the external air that may affect the quality of the test material,

so as to facilitate the long-term storage of samples.

*Iclean flocking swab

*Product features:

  1. It is made of non inhibitory DNA amplification material,
  2. which can be verified by direct PCR amplification without the extraction steps.
  3. Use single and independent packaging to avoid pollution.
  4. Strict technological conditions, no DNA enzyme and human DNA that can be amplified.
  5. The tube body is transparent and the inspection material is visible.
  6. The unique casing design ensures the air circulation in the casing,
  7. prevents the inspection materials from mildew due to the humid sealing environment,
  8. and avoids the magazine pollution in the external air, thus affecting the inspection quality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Huachenyang flocked swabs

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