Precautions for collecting nasopharyngeal swabs


Precautions for collecting nasopharyngeal swabs

Precautions for collecting nasopharyngeal swabs

Why do nasal swabs?

Guangdong has also officially entered the autumn season. Although it is still hot as before, it also feels like the autumn wind is coming. The weather turns cooler, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. In this season, it is inevitable that there will be nasal itching and nasal congestion and sneezing. Symptoms. In this special period of this year, we will be very worried about whether we will be infected with the virus. At this time, we will go to the hospital to take a nasopharyngeal swab to see what is going on, then go to the nasopharynx What issues should we pay attention to with swabs? Let’s take a look

Precautions for patients to do nasopharyngeal swabs:

① Please do not take antibiotics a few days before the nose swab;

②Do not use disinfectant mouthwash or smear the local lesion a few hours before the nasal swab

③. Do not eat, smoke or drink for a few hours before the nasal swab.

Note for samplers:

① The sampler stands on the side of the patient to take the sample,

②. The patient is required to pull down the mask to expose only the nostrils. Once the sneeze reflex occurs, the patient can be covered by the elbow or paper towel. The sampler is not in front of the patient, and the exposure risk will be lower.

③. If the patient’s turbinate hypertrophy, nasal passages are narrow, and the nasal swab insertion feels resistance, you can try to change one side of the nasal cavity or directly change to oropharyngeal swab collection.

④. People with nasal allergies are prone to sneezing, and oropharyngeal swab sampling is recommended.

⑤ Remember to wear a protective mask/face screen. For individuals who are highly suspected or basically diagnosed, or have severe coughs and hiccups, they should wear protective clothing.

⑥ After sampling, change gloves, perform hand sanitation and disinfection, and spray disinfectant on areas where the patient has touched.

Well, we still need to pay attention in special periods. Remember to wear a mask and personal hygiene when you go out. Once you find the virus is infected, please isolate it to avoid spreading it again.

Precautions for collecting nasopharyngeal swabs

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