flocked swab Collection & Transport Kits

flocked swab Collection & Transport Kits


flocked swab Collection & Transport Kits

flocked swab Viral Transport Kit is intended for collecting, handling, and transporting specimens suspected of COVID-19.


Product Information & Resources

Nasal Swab

The ultra-flexible  plastic shaft is ergonomically designed to optimize the collection efficiency with  improved patient comfort.

The capillary action between the nylon  fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid samples. The sample stays close to the surface allowing easier and rapid elution,which results in minimum hands-on specimen processing.

*Suitable for nasal and nasopharyngeal sampling

*Available in unique molded breakpoint design 

Throat Swab 

The polyester swab consists of a synthetic fiber spun around the sleek plastic shaft that offers excellent collection and release properties.

This feature makes it ideal for intricate and delicate sampling.

*Suitable for collecting tracheal specimens, cells or fluids for  DNA testing

*Available in both with and without unique molded breakpoint design


Transport Media

*Antibacterial and antifungal agents prevents bacterial and fungal contamination

*Prevents long-term frozen storage of viruses

*Avoids drying up of the sample

*Allows long survival of the present virus

*Prevents the growth of other bacteria and fungi present in the specimen

*Stabilizes the viruses and offers maximum  recovery

Peel-Pouch Packaging :

Easy to peel pouches. Facilitates aseptic presentation of the swab.


3ml Viral Transport Media in a 10ml self-standing tube :

Eliminates bio-hazardous spill and aerophilization.

Optimized for the growth of viruses.


COVID-19 Collection & Transport Kits

Order information

Cat.No. Part No. Specification
8011900 VSM04 With Nasal Swab & Throat Swab ;  3ml inactivated medium ;10ml tube
8011901 VSM02 With Nasal Swab ; 3ml inactivated medium ;10ml tube
8011902 VSM06 With Throat Swab ; 3ml inactivated medium ;10ml tube
8011903 VSM03 With Nasal Swab & Throat Swab  ;        3ml Non inactivated medium ;10ml tube
8011904 VSM01 With Nasal Swab ; 3ml Non- inactivated medium ;10ml    tube
8011905 VSM05 With Throat Swab ; 3ml Non- inactivated  medium ;10ml tube


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