Nylon Flokced swab

Nylon Flokced swab


Nylon Flokced swab


Nylon swab

Why are flocked swabs better than traditional fiber swabs?

Clinicians report better patient comfort due to ergonomic, anatomic swab design, and softer texture.

Studies show that samples collected using iClean wabs improve test sensitivity because they elute more than 90% of the specimen.

Strong capillary hydraulics between the strands of iClean ® expedites maximum liquid sample uptake and release.

Soft brush-like texture of the swabs facilitates efficient dislodging of the target cells.

Compatible with multiple applications and platforms including bacteriology and virology culture, rapid antigen testing, molecular-based assays, direct fluorescent antibody (DFA) tests, enzyme immune assay testing (EIA) and cytology testing.

Nucleic acid sampling swab: Manufacturer  HCYTECH, MADE IN CHINA.

Products Description
Flocked swabs like oral or nasal pharyngeal swabs are designed to collect clinic specimens for lab or hospital tests. Some laboratories recommend transporting the swab along with the medium. The flocked swabs usually apply a sterile dacron or rayon swab with a flexible, plastic shaft that can be easily cut off after the sampling of specimens and put into the transportation storage tube for storage. The material from the flocked swab is dispersed into the liquid medium.

There are two kinds of sterile flocked collection device in stock: Oral or Nasal Swabs Flocked(we could OEM and ODM too):
Product specifications :
Flocked swab for nasopharyngeal and oral collection
Single package / single use (disposable)
Swab tip length: 1.7 cm (0.67 in)
Tip to snap: 8.5 cm (3.35 in)
Total length: 15 cm (5.91 in)
Swab: medical grade polyamide (Nylon) PA66
Handle: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

Nylon Flocked swab




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