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What is the genetic testing sampling box?

What is the genetic testing sampling box?

The genetic test sampling kit includes: oral swab, cell preservation solution, barcode, return bag.

The genetic testing sampling box consists of two individually packaged sterile flocking swabs,

two cryotubes with 1ml/0.6ml oral cell preservation solution, 4/6-8 barcode labels, and a sample return bag (can be Assemble in accordance with user requirements, and bar code is presente as a gift).


1.Convenient operation and easy to carry: The oral exfoliated cells are collecte by oral swabs, which further simplifies the clinical sampling method.

The size of the toothpaste box is convenient for carrying and logistics transportation, which greatly saves time and cost.

2.Clean and hygienic: high-quality oral swabs, individually packaged in ziplock bags, clean and hygienic, and convenient to use.

Product description: Sterile flocking swab

This product is produce by Brilliance Yangxin nylon flocking technology, international patent production technology.

A large number of clinical and forensic DNA tests by the Ministry of Public Security at home and abroad have shown that: Compared with ordinary sterile swabs,

nylon flocked swabs have a better effect on the collection and delivery of clinical biological samples, especially for those who cannot be sent for inspection in time.

This is especially true for samples that have been place for too long.


1.Connection strength: when the moving speed of the tensile testing machine fixture is 200 mm/min;

the pull-out force of the sampling head and one end of the connecting rod should not be less than 2N.

2.Breaking strength: When the test span is 6cm,

the swab should be able to withstand 4N axial static pressure for 15s without permanent deformation or breaking.

3.Rotational friction: After spraying the glue on the ABS rod, the flocking is spray.

The abrasion fastness means that the test is not more than 2N, the rotation friction is not less than 3 times,

and the amount of denying hair on the surface is not more than 2.


Nylon flocking swabs are widely used in genetic testing and sampling, cytology, microbiology,

bacteriology sample processing, virology cell culture, DFA testing, rapid and direct testing, enzyme immunoassay testing,

polymerase chain reaction and based Molecular diagnostic testing and forensic identification are ideal.

It can also be used for throat sampling of respiratory viruses such as influenza, swine flu, avian flu, hand, foot and mouth.