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What is a sterile swab?

What is a sterile swab?

Sterile swabs are free from bacteria or other living microorganisms.

Common methods for sterilization include autoclaves, ETO (ethylene oxide gas),

and Gamma irradiation. Used sterile swabs are generally for biological sample collection to avoid sample contamination,

and for medical use to avoid infection.

What is a sterile swab?

Usually, the sterile swabs has a collection material at the top of the stem or stem,

which can be a natural or synthetic material,

such as polyester.

Normally, the user holds the stem and wipes the collection material on the surface Collect samples.

Since there is no single type of swab suitable for all situations,

there are several different swabs to choose from.

The swab is sterile to maintain the integrity of the sample,

and usually has a resealable sterile container or bag…

  1. The characteristics of swabs were as follows

Used nylon flocking swab is in the collection system, which is non-toxic to microorganisms and can maximize the collection and release of samples.

A large number of clinical trials have shown that nylon flocked swabs have better collection and transportation effect on clinical microbial specimens than ordinary sterile cotton swabs

This is especially true for those specimens that cannot be submitted for examination in time and placed for too long.

Advantages of swabs:

① The increase in specimen collection and release is due to the unique technique of jet placement of nylon fibers.

② The total length of the swab is 14.5cm. The plastic rod has a unique breakable design.

③ Fluff texture can collect more target analytes.

④ In the sample processing process because there is no residual sample and speed up.

⑤The swabs were separately sterilized before packaging Aseptic swab in independent package