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99% IPA Electronics Cleaning Snap Swab

Alcohol Cleaning Swabs – 99% IPA Swabs
Huachenyang Alcohol Cleaning Swabs – 99% IPA Swabs features 5″ polypropylene plastic handle with large rectangular foam tip. Customization solvent(91% IPA Alcohol) and tip materials are available.

Huachenyang Self Saturating Alcohol Foam Tipped Swabs can be used on all types of Thermal Print Head Cleaning : Alcohol Cleaning Swabs – 99% IPA Swabs

1) Card Printers
2) Barcode Printers
3) Label Printers
4) Receipt Printers
5) Kiosk Printers

IPA Pre-saturated Clean Swab
Length of Swab : approximately 5.0”
Packaging : 50 Swabs/Box
Part Number : IPAPFS-707
Alcohol Cleaning Swabs – 99% IPA Swabs
50 swabs/Case

Keep your keypads, connectors, pins and other small device components free from germs, particles and dirt with these 99% isopropyl alcohol cleaning swabs from POS Supply Solutions. IPA with a concentration of 60% or higher is a very effective cleaning agent which can kill microbial bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The swab stem contains isopropanol cleaning solution, making it easy to apply to electronics like credit card machines and readers, thermal printers, keyboards and pinpads, and more without causing damage from oversaturation. IPA Electronic Cleaning Snap Swab, 4.5″ (25 Swabs)

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