Advantages of oral swabs


Advantages of oral swabs

Advantages of oral swabs

The toothbrush oral swab introduced by Yang Huachen not only solves the problem of efficient collection and preservation of cells, but also does not have to worry about some deviations caused by factors such as the frequency and range of scrubbing, which will affect subsequent preservation and testing. result.

1. Huachenyang oral swabs use polyester fiber technology, which can accelerate the absorption and release of samples.

2. Maximize the elution and transfer of samples, especially for collecting trace amounts of DNA samples.

3. The novel push head design makes the cotton swab easy to collect samples, and then gently push the cotton swab directly into the sampling tube, the sampling head will fall into the sampling tube, making the operation more convenient.

4. Independent packaging, sterile, no inhibitors, to ensure reliable results.

5. Different storage solutions can be selected for different types of samples.

6. Specially treated antibacterial agent to prevent microbial contamination.

7. Adopt internationally-used, convenient and sterilized medical dialysis paper-plastic packaging.

Precautions for oral swabs

(1) Prepare a cup of saline, drink about 50~100ml of saline, rinse your mouth thoroughly for about 10~20 seconds, and then spit it out

(2) Gently tear open the packaging bag of the oral swab, and hold the handle of the oral swab with your hand (note: do not touch the head of the sampling swab with your hands or other objects) and stretch the inner wall of the air cavity to the left One side (touch the left side) is on the inside of the cheek) and then wipe up and down with the strength of a brush (wipe about 15~30 times)

(3) Use the same method to take the second cheek swab and extend it to the right side of the inner wall of the injection chamber for sampling. Continue to scrape cell DNA samples

(4) Put the sampled buccal swab into the cell preservation solution, break off the head, put it into the sampling tube, paste the barcode, and put it into the recovery bag. Write down the name and date and other relevant information.

(5) Complete the sampling and send it to the laboratory

(6) Be careful not to touch the sampling head with your hands or other objects;

(7) Do not smoke, drink, eat, etc. 30 minutes before sampling. remember.

Advantages of oral swabs

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