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Flocked swab global supplier

Flocked swab global supplier

The global supply chain flocking swab of the Huachenyang factory (Global Supply Chain) refers to the combination of supply chains on a global scale.

It requires a global perspective to extend the supply chain system to the entire world,

according to the needs of the company.

Choose the most competitive partner. Global supply chain management emphasizes the planning,

coordination, operation, control

and optimization of the needs of consumers around the world in a comprehensive and rapid manner.

The core enterprises in the supply chain and their suppliers and their suppliers and core Enterprises ,

and their sellers and even end consumers rely on the support of modern network information

technology to realize the integration and rapid response of the supply chain,

achieve smooth coordination of business flow, logistics,

capital flow and information flow to meet the needs of global consumers.

The global supply of flocking swabs from the Huachenyang factory,

we are recruiting agents and distributors around the world,

we can do 5 million flocking swabs every day, in addition to flocking swabs,

there are throat swabs, nasal swabs,

With the supply of virus sampling tubes and other products,

our goal is to survive by quality, win the world with integrity,

provide quality products and services, and satisfy global customers.

①、Introduction of flocking swab

used the disposable sampling swabs  to extract secretions from natural cavities such as oral cavity and nasopharynx,

The nasopharyngeal swab consists of nylon short fiber wool and medical ABS plastic rod.

The role of nylon short fibers is similar to a soft brush,Not only can effectively improve the collection of cell materials,

The capillary movement between the fibers creates a powerful hydraulic pressure and can also absorb liquid samples.

At the same time, the sample is close to the surface of the swab and is easily eluted for easy inspection.

②. Gynecological sampling swab

Enough cervical epithelial exfoliated cells can be collected and used in detection methods such as human papillomavirus (HPV) nucleic acid detection,

thereby assisting clinical judgments on the risk and type of the subject.

③. Virus and bacteria sampling swab

Nylon flocking swabs have a better collection and transportation effect for the collection of viruses and bacteria,

especially for those specimens that cannot be submitted for inspection in time and placed for too long.

④. DNA disposable sampling swab

By wiping blood, epidermis and other tissues, it not only effectively contacts the samples that need to be collected for DNA testing,

and makes the DNA test results more accurate, but also effectively avoids the mixing of other magazines and affects the test results.

⑤. Sterile swabs for cell sampling

The fluffy texture can not only collect more target analytes, but also has no sample residue,

which can speed up the sample processing speed.

⑥. Laboratory test sampling swab

The fluffy texture can not only collect more target analytes, but also has no sample residue.

Thereby speeding up the sample processing speed.

Not only disinfecte the cotton swabs and individually package, but also improve the quality of cell collection cotton swabs!

Flocked swab global supplier





Description of Iclean swab for new crown sampling(flocked swab)

Description of Iclean swab for new crown sampling(flocked swab)


About the brand introduction of I clean swab, the factory registered trademark of I clean brand swab in the United States is: huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. our swabs include oral swabs, nasal swabs, and throat swabs, which are used for virus sample collection.

1:Iclean brand registration time:2018

2:Factory address:SHENZHEN

3: quality system:ISO13485,CE,FDA,CMPA

4:manufacturer: Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

Model: CY-96000, CY-93050, CY-98000

♠ Collection Description:

① Tear off the sealing paper on the packaging bag of disposable sampling swab, and take out the disposable sampling swab from the bag.

Note: disposable sampling swab should not touch other items except throat to avoid contamination.

② Put a disposable sampling swab into the throat and quickly wipe the palatal arch and throat

③ After the collection, please take the throat sampling swab out of the mouth and put it into the sampling tube. Break off the disposable sampling swab handle at the place with broken mark, cover the sampling tube cover, tighten and save.

Note:too many rotations may result in dilution or loss of the sample. After sampling, make sure that the disposable sampling swab does not touch any other objects.

♠ Product performance:

① Appearance: the appearance of swab should be correct, neat, smooth, uniform in color, without burr, mildew, scar, scratch, crack and other defects. It should be clean, odorless and tasteless. Should feel soft, should not have macula, stain, foreign body.

② Performance: the pull-out force at the junction of connecting rod and sampling head shall not be less than 2n

Iclean swab for new crown sampling(flocked swabs)

Description of Iclean swab for new crown sampling(flocked swab)


Throat Swab Culture

Throat Swab Culture

Do you know what is throat swab culture? Have you learned about throat swabs before? Curious? Let me take you to discuss it today.These infections can include strep throat, pneumonia, tonsillitis, whooping cough, and meningitis.

The purpose of a throat swab culture is to detect the presence of organisms in the throat that could cause infection. For example, the presence of group A streptococcus bacteria (Streptococcus pyogenes) in your throat is a key sign that you may have strep throat.

Streptococcal bacteria are very contagious. They only need a little droplet in the air to spread quickly. An infected person can easily pass the bacteria on if they cough, sneeze, or share food or drinks. The bacteria can also be picked up from doorknobs or other surfaces and transferred to your nose, mouth, or eyes.

If you have a sore throat and your doctor suspects that you may have strep throat or another bacterial infection. The results of the test will help you and your doctor form a diagnosis and a treatment plan.


Because the pharynx is affected by infections caused by external bacteria when the body’s body or local resistance is reduced, the doctor needs to collect some cells or viruses for observation when we seek medical treatment, so as to understand the patient’s disease Illness. At this time, the throat swab can make its debut, and use its life-long learning and only use (sampling) to the extreme.

Let us take a look at how it accomplishes its mission (how to use):

① First, we take out the disposable throat swab, gently tear off its outer coat, and then gently take it out (be careful not to touch other things before reaching the pharynx, to avoid contamination)

②. Then let the patient open his mouth at room temperature to fully expose his throat. When he sees his uvula, pharyngeal arch, or tonsil, quickly wipe the twirling secretions with a swab. Pay attention to the twirling action. Be gentle, so as not to cause throat discomfort or vomiting

③. After the collection is completed, please quickly take the throat swab out of the patient’s mouth, and then quickly put it into the sampling tube, break off the throat swab handle at the place with the broken mark, cover the sampling tube cap, tighten and save it, ( Be careful not to rotate too many times, so that the sample may be diluted or lost. After sampling, make sure that the throat swab does not touch other objects)

Okay, the mission has been completed. Let’s take a look at its product performance. First of all, the appearance. The shape of our swab should be correct, neat, smooth, uniform in color, free of burrs, mildew, scratches, and scratches. If there are defects such as marks, cracks, etc., a qualified swab should be very clean, without odor, and should be soft to the touch, without macular spots, stains or foreign objects. Then the swab should be able to withstand 4N static pressure perpendicular to the axial direction for 15s without permanent deformation or breaking. The breaking force of the depression at the sampling tip should be no less than 2N.

Finally, I would like to talk to you about the precautions of throat swabs. Pharyngeal swabs are suitable for the inspection and collection of biological parts such as natural cavities of any age. However, flocking has a very light tingling sensation on the skin, so before use, the little cuties who are allergic to flocking should first put the swab on the sampling part and gently perform the allergy test before sampling.

use. The swab can only be used once. Be sure to check whether the package is damaged before use. If it is damaged, remember not to use it. Please contact the dealer or manufacturer in time to let it go back and forth. If it is in use If you have allergies, please stop using it immediately. 30 minutes before use, remember not to eat, drink, or smoke or drink, so as not to affect the sampling operation. Please dispose of the discarded swabs in accordance with the laws of your region.