collection and transport system swab


collection and transport system swab

collection and transport system swab

♠ Cy-96000 nasal swab

♠ Product Description:

cy-96000 nose swab is mainly soft and thin head.

The head is soft.

When sampling, the degree of experience is different, so it is not easy to cause trauma.

The softness shows the experience degree.

It is soft and elastic, and conforms to the sampling rules

Cy-96000 nasal swabs are designed according to different requirements at home and abroad, and the length of the sampling tube is adjusted.

Sold with us before ordering,there are also cy-96000 non broken nasal swabs Nose swabs are

Not only do different products have different prices, sizes and functions, but also Shenzhen huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained a class II medical device production license,

Class II medical swab registration certificate. Global sales, can bid for hospitals, has been online. Manufacturer: Shenzhen huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd

♠ Application:

Iclean nylon flocking swab is widely used in bacteriological sample processing, virological cell culture, DFA test, rapid and direct test, enzyme immunoassay, polymerase chain reaction, molecular diagnosis based detection and forensic identification.

It can also be used for throat sampling of influenza, swine influenza, avian influenza, hand foot mouth and other respiratory viruses.

♠ Characteristics of swabs:

1. It has extraordinary water absorption capacity, and the number of samples collected on the surface can be increased from 20% of the traditional swabs to 60%

2. The release rate of the collected samples is more than 90%, which ensures the high reliability of the results

3. Different preservation solutions were selected for different specimen types

4. The plastic rod has a unique breakable design, which is convenient for specimen transportation

5. Ethylene oxide sterilization, irradiation sterilization, independent packaging

♠ Cy-96000 nasal swab specification and model:

Classification: sampling swab – nasopharynx

Model: cy-96000

Breaking length: 83

Total length: 150

Package: 1 piece / bag, 100 pieces / box, 5000 pieces / box

Place of origin: Shenzhen

Brand: Hua Chenyang

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