flocked swab meaning


flocked swab meaning

flocked swab meaning

Detailed introduction: The flocked swab is an object used to sample specimens. It consists of a swab head and a swab rod. The head is made of nylon fiber. In the medical industry, it is good for absorbing and releasing samples. This sample contains (DNA, RNA, microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, sources of infection)

Flocking refers to a process of applying (multi-length fibers) — called flocking — to an adhesive-coated surface to provide for enhanced sample collection. … Here are five reasons Huachenyang’s patented iClean Flocked Swab® and iClean® flocked swabs are a good choice for lab professionals conducting specimen collection.The flocked swab is a soft brush, sterile packaging, ISO13485 quality management system.

flocked swab meaning

Should you consider the following aspects when buying flocking swabs

1, Flocking swabs should obtain a medical device production license issued by the government in the local area

2.Many years of production technology experience accumulated in the industry

3,Obtained FDA certification registration

4,CE certification

5,Factory obtained ISO13485 quality management certificate

Models of flocked swabs: CY-98000, CY-96000, CY-93050, CY-98000PS, CY-98000FS, CY-98000T, CY-96000T, CY-93050T, CY-95000, CY-95000M

flocked swab meaning: Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

flocked swab meaning

①. It is made of non-inhibitory DNA amplification materials, and it has been verified that it can be directly amplified by PCR, eliminating the need for extraction steps.
②. Adopt a single independent packaging to avoid pollution.
③. Strict process conditions, without DNase and amplifiable human DNA.
④. The tube body is transparent, and the inspection materials are intuitively visible.
⑤. The unique casing design ensures the air circulation in the casing, prevents the sample material from being mildewed due to the damp and sealed environment, and avoids magazine pollution in the outside air, which will affect the inspection quality.

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