How to use anal swab


How to use anal swab

How to use anal swab

The emergence of anal swab collection methods makes everyone very embarrassed.

In fact, the technical difficulty of collecting anal swabs is not high.

You can also sample anal swabs at home, but before doing anal swabs, the swab head must not touch other parts outside the anus to avoid contamination.

In addition, anal swabs can also be replaced by fecal sampling.

Anal swab usage

1.Take out the sampling swab, do not touch other parts or other places (so as not to contaminate the swab).

2.Gently insert the swab into the anus 3~5 cm.

3.Use the swab to rotate around the anus and pull out the swab gently.

4.Put the sampling swab vertically into the sampling tube.

Of course, it is better to have professional medical staff to collect when you need to check.


1.Clean before sampling.

2.Keep your emotions stable during the test, don’t be overly nervous and shy, and don’t not cooperate with the doctor because of embarrassment. This will affect the sampling time of nucleic acid testing.

3.When using anal swabs to detect parasites, please do not take antiparasitic drugs.

4.Anal swabs are not suitable for people with hemorrhoids, perianal abscess, anal erosions or ulcers.

5.Anal swabs are not suitable for those who have just finished hemorrhoids and anorectal surgery.

6.Those who have the above situation should communicate with the sampling personnel in advance.

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