Huachenyang Flocked Swabs Manufacture


Huachenyang Flocked Swabs Manufacture


Not like traditional fiber swabs, HCY flocked swabs don’t have an internal absorbent core to disperse and wrap the sample. The entire sample is close to the surface for quick and complete replacement. The capillary action between the vertical nylon fiber bundles promotes the strong hydraulic absorption of the liquid sample. The sample stays close to the surface for easy replacement.

Why use flocking swabs:

Comparison of flocking swabs:

Implanted nylon swab: excellent sample collection/release ability, release rate>80%

Conventional fiber swab:

Voids in the fiber mass retain the sample,In other words, the fiber penetrates, dilutes and intercepts the sample as it enters

The acquisition is slow, and the release is slower.

The sampling time of flocking swab is 3-5 seconds, while the sampling time of cotton swab is 15-120 seconds, or even longer. Therefore, the staff will have a lot of pressure in the diagnosis process. Only faster samples can be collected and analyzed more efficiently.

Features of Huachenyang flocking swab:

①. It is made of non-inhibitory DNA amplification materials, and it has been verified that it can be directly amplified by PCR, eliminating the need for extraction.

②. Single and independent packaging is used to avoid pollution.

③. Strict process conditions, without DNase and amplifiable human DNA.

④. The tube body is transparent, and the inspection materials are intuitively visible.

⑤. The unique patented casing design ensures the air circulation in the casing, so that the sample material will not mildew due to the humid and sealed environment, and there will be no magazine pollution in the outside air, thus affecting the inspection quality.

Product advantages:

①This design is able to sample DNA micro samples, which is most suitable for crime scene, especially for sweat, semen, blood, dandruff, oral cells and other micro samples, with excellent collection performance.

②.It can not only quickly adsorb a small amount of samples, but also has high release efficiency.

③. Not only is the tip of the needle sharper than before, but it is more suitable for extracting cells from the fingernails of victims or suspects at the crime scene.

④The back end of the swab can be broken off, which is conducive to the automatic extraction workstation for sample extraction.

⑤. Packing the whole swab in a transparent plastic tube can avoid biological contamination.

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