Performance and precautions of cervical swabs


Performance and precautions of cervical swabs

Performance and precautions of cervical swabs

Product performance

1.Appearance: The appearance of the swab should be correct, tidy, smooth, uniform in color, free of burrs, mildew spots, scars, scratches, cracks and other defects.

It should be clean, odorless and tasteless. It should feel soft and free of macular spots, stains, and foreign objects.

2.Performance: The pull-out force at the junction of the connecting rod and the sampling head should not be less than 2N.

The swab should be able to withstand 4N of static pressure perpendicular to the axial direction for 15s without permanent deformation or breaking.

The breaking force of the depression at the sampling tip should be no less than 2N.


1.Flocking has very light thorns on the skin. Before use, people who are allergic to flocking should rotate the sampling site slightly for allergy testing before using it.

2.This product is suitable for the inspection of biological samples taken from the natural cavity and other parts of people of any age.

3.This product is a one-time use product, please do not use it multiple times.

4.Before sampling, please check whether the packaging is intact. If it is damaged, stop using it immediately and contact the dealer or manufacturer for replacement.

5.If an allergic reaction occurs after use, please stop using it immediately.

6.Please dispose of it in accordance with the laws of your region.

7.It is best not to have sex within 48 hours before the examination.

8.Do not use vaginal douche or contraceptive ointment for intravaginal medication within 48 hours before the examination.

9.Do not apply acetic acid or iodine solution before inspection.

10.It is not suitable for inspection during menstruation.

Performance and precautions of cervical swabs

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