Sterile Flocked Polyester Specimen Collection Swabs

Sterile Flocked Polyester Specimen Collection Swabs


Sterile Flocked Polyester Specimen Collection Swabs

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These iClean® specimen collection swabs have polyester “flocked” heads with ABS plastic bodies and are delivered in 100 unit bundles. A new era in flock swab technology. iClean sterile swabs provide superior collection and release of specimens. The unique microstructure of iClean’s multi-length, nylon fibers are designed to enhance rapid absorption and quick release of biological specimens.  iClean’s high purity characteristics make it an ideal swab for various rapid diagnostic tests, including COVID-19 specimen test collection.


Compared with a fiber swab, a flocked swab releases up to 95% of the sample collected compared to 25% for fiber
Anatomic and ergonomic design improves patient comfort and specimen collection
Instant and spontaneous release of samples into liquid media
Compatible with multiple applications such as rapid antigen testing, EIA, molecular-based assays, DFA, cytology testing, bacteriology and virology culture
Flexible handle with scored break-point (81mm)
Samples collected using iClean®  swabs improve test sensitivity because they elute more than 95% of the specimen

Sterile Flocked Polyester Specimen Collection Swabs


Item Value
Part Number CY-96000
Head Material Nylon Fiber
Head Width 3mm
Head Thickness 3mm
Head length 20mm
Handle Width 1 2.5mm
Handle Width 2 1mm
BreakPoint Distance (From Swab Tip) 81mm
Total Swab Length 150mm


nasopharyngeal flocked swabs utilize innovative nylon fiber technology under the condition of the electrostatic field. Vertical fixed fine flocking provides an excellent sample collection and release. For minimizing invasive bacteria, the plastic stick involves a breakpoint. Break it before screwing the cap. It is really easy to handle and convenient for collection.

How to Collect a Nasopharyngeal Swab for Testing

Choose HUACHENYANG’s professional CY-96000 nasopharyngeal swab with individual packaging. Wash your hands and wear sterile gloves before you grab the stick. Have the patient’s head backward nearly 70 degrees. Then the nasal swab would go down horizontally to the posterior nasopharynx.
Insert the tip into one of the nostrils slowly. Take care not to hurt the vulnerable nasal wall. Undoubtedly, it would be a little uncomfortable but not painful. Actually, the fine flocking tip would help to make it easier.
When reaching to the postal nasopharynx, rotate the stick 2-3 times to make the flocking tip absorb enough target sample.
Remove the swab out slowly and place it into the sterile VTM tube as soon as possible. Break the plastic handle according to the breakpoint before you screw the cap.


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