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Flocked swab global supplier

Flocked swab global supplier

The global supply chain flocking swab of the Huachenyang factory (Global Supply Chain) refers to the combination of supply chains on a global scale.

It requires a global perspective to extend the supply chain system to the entire world,

according to the needs of the company.

Choose the most competitive partner. Global supply chain management emphasizes the planning,

coordination, operation, control

and optimization of the needs of consumers around the world in a comprehensive and rapid manner.

The core enterprises in the supply chain and their suppliers and their suppliers and core Enterprises ,

and their sellers and even end consumers rely on the support of modern network information

technology to realize the integration and rapid response of the supply chain,

achieve smooth coordination of business flow, logistics,

capital flow and information flow to meet the needs of global consumers.

The global supply of flocking swabs from the Huachenyang factory,

we are recruiting agents and distributors around the world,

we can do 5 million flocking swabs every day, in addition to flocking swabs,

there are throat swabs, nasal swabs,

With the supply of virus sampling tubes and other products,

our goal is to survive by quality, win the world with integrity,

provide quality products and services, and satisfy global customers.

①、Introduction of flocking swab

used the disposable sampling swabs  to extract secretions from natural cavities such as oral cavity and nasopharynx,

The nasopharyngeal swab consists of nylon short fiber wool and medical ABS plastic rod.

The role of nylon short fibers is similar to a soft brush,Not only can effectively improve the collection of cell materials,

The capillary movement between the fibers creates a powerful hydraulic pressure and can also absorb liquid samples.

At the same time, the sample is close to the surface of the swab and is easily eluted for easy inspection.

②. Gynecological sampling swab

Enough cervical epithelial exfoliated cells can be collected and used in detection methods such as human papillomavirus (HPV) nucleic acid detection,

thereby assisting clinical judgments on the risk and type of the subject.

③. Virus and bacteria sampling swab

Nylon flocking swabs have a better collection and transportation effect for the collection of viruses and bacteria,

especially for those specimens that cannot be submitted for inspection in time and placed for too long.

④. DNA disposable sampling swab

By wiping blood, epidermis and other tissues, it not only effectively contacts the samples that need to be collected for DNA testing,

and makes the DNA test results more accurate, but also effectively avoids the mixing of other magazines and affects the test results.

⑤. Sterile swabs for cell sampling

The fluffy texture can not only collect more target analytes, but also has no sample residue,

which can speed up the sample processing speed.

⑥. Laboratory test sampling swab

The fluffy texture can not only collect more target analytes, but also has no sample residue.

Thereby speeding up the sample processing speed.

Not only disinfecte the cotton swabs and individually package, but also improve the quality of cell collection cotton swabs!

Flocked swab global supplier





flocked swabs for sale

flocked swabs for sale

First, who are we?

Medical Supplies, iClean® Supply

Providing Premium Quality for World Health

We Have More Than 12+ Years of Manufacturing Experience in Medical Consumables

HCY not only takes product quality as the essence of enterprise development,

but also fully upholds the principle of “first-class products, first-class service”,

and pursues the enterprise spirit of “seeking truth, innovation, unity, and efficiency”.

Therefore, HCY can organize the whole process of production and sales in strict accordance with the ISO9001,

and ISO13485 management systems, with stable performance and reliable quality.

our team

Our team not only has a PhD team responsible for research and development,

but also has passed CE / FDA / ISO / TGA certification,

It not only has a GMP 100,000-level dust-free sterilization production workshop, its own mold factory, automatic production and packaging, medical-grade materials,

but also directly supplies the United States and European governments and hospitals including the WHO.

Our main business is to develop flocked cotton swabs, produce flocked cotton swabs and sell flocked cotton swabs.
Our manufacturing equipment: flocking swab making machine, 20 production lines

what is a flocked swab?

Flocking refers to the process of application (multi-length fibers), this process is also called overflowing to the surface of advanced coatings to enhance sample collection

Our swabs are not only sold in 34 provinces and autonomous regions of China but also sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, as well as more than 100 countries and regions overseas. Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, and other regions are welcome to consult the flocking swabs of our factory. The prices of our swabs are at the factory price, with a great discount.

Website of our factory:https://www.chenyanglobal.com Our factory address: 11F-F8/Bldg 4, Hengchangrong High Tech Park, No.128 East Shangnan Rd., Shajing St., Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

Good samples contribute a lot to the accurate diagnostics, while good samples are collected in proper sample collection ways. iClean® swab supplied by HCY is anatomically and ergonomically designed to optimize the efficiency of the target analyte collection with patient comfort improved.

CY-96000 iClean Nasopharygeal Nylon Flocked Swab

1.Proprietary flocking Process optimizes collection and elution
2. Breakpoint molded handle better help to break off
3. Non-slip with Frosted handle end
4. ABS handle(medical grade) ergonomic & anatomic design for comfortable and easy use
5. No fiber or adhesive residue interference in collection

Highlight of iClean® swab

First of all, compared with fiber cotton swabs, flocking cotton swabs can release up to 95% of the sample.

However, only 25% of the ergonomic anatomical design improved patient comfort and collected specimens.

The sample can be spontaneously releas into the liquid medium.

Compatible with multiple applications, such as rapid antigen detection, EIA, molecular-based assays, DFA, cytological testing, bacteriology and virology culture

Flexible handle with shaped breakpoint,

Moreover, samples collected with iClean® swabs can increase the sensitivity of the test because they elute more than 95% of the samples


 Collected by a healthcare professional or a patient self-collected sample is acceptable when the patient is in an appropriate clinical setting

Collection instructions: 

Tilt patient head and insert swab into 1 nostril until the swab collar touches the outside of the nose.

Once the swab is in place, rotate it in a circular motion 2 times and keep it in place for 15 seconds.

Repeat this step for the second nostril using the same swab.

Remove the swab and insert the swab into an acceptable viral transport medium (including saline and PBS).

Break the swab shaft against the side of the tube, and close the lid.

flocked swabs for sale