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Precautions for gene sampling

Precautions for gene samplingļ¼š

Precautions for gene sampling

Gene is a functional fragment of DNA molecule, the basic unit of genetic information, and the most basic factor determining all biological species;

Genes determine the life and death of human beings, which is the cause of health, beauty and longevity, and is the operator and regulator of life.

Therefore, where there is life, there are genes. The existence and decline of all life forms are determined by genes, including your appearance, height, weight, skin color, personality and so on.

Gene testing is a technique to detect DNA through blood, other body fluids, or cells.

Gene testing can determine the individuality, and also can determine the characteristics of the population (ancestral origin) through population comparison.

Let’s briefly talk about the gene sampling done before, and the precautions for saliva sampling.

matters needing attention:

  1. Do not eat, smoke or drink 30 minutes before sampling.
  2. The head of the sampling swab should not contact with other objects such as cheek, finger, tooth, etc. if the head of the swab is accidentally touched or the head falls off during the sampling process, please replace it with a new sampling swab for re sampling.
  3. Do not use if the package is open or damaged.

Collection method:

Huachenyang oral swab is composed of sampling cotton swab head, sleeve rod and push rod. Its purpose is to collect and preserve oral mucosa epithelial exfoliated cells.

Whether you are in the physical examination center, the company or at home, you can operate by yourself.

First, rinse the mouth with water for 2-3 times to ensure that the mouth is clean.

Then take out the oral swab, gently press the cotton swab head of Hua Chenyang swab on the inner wall of the mouth, and make the cheek slightly convex. One up and down is one time, and 20 times of scraping.

After scraping, insert the cotton swab head into the sample collection tube, push the back rod of the swab with fingers, drive the cotton swab head into the tube, tighten the tube cover, and shake well.

Next, use another buccal swab to repeat the same action on the other side of the mouth. The collected DNA can be stored at room temperature.

Precautions for gene sampling