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High-quality flocking swab supplier

High-quality flocking swab supplier

High-quality flocking swab supplier

The positionihttps://www.chenyanglobal.com/ng principle is even more important for companies.

Do you understand and use this principle,

and whether affiliates can win the battle for customers and win the smoke-free business war.

Hua Chenyang

Huachenyang is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the production of flocking swabs for medical device consumables.

It is the industry leader in virus sampling tubes, throat swabs, nasal swabs and oral swabs,

and sales of its products remain high, especially in 2020.

From January of the year to now, our production capacity of flocking swabs has doubled,

reaching 100 times by 2020, as a Chinese flocking swab,

from the usual thousands of flocking swabs To China’s leading company in daily delivery of flocking swabs,

we have nasal swabs, throat swabs, and oral swabs.

We have realized the automated production of flocking swabs.

The whole process from raw material injection molding to flocking to inspection to packaging to sterilization is a 100,000-level GMP factory

located in the beautiful Shenzhen of China.

As a high-quality supplier in the industry, this is inseparable from the team’s joint efforts.

Huachenyang increases investment

In January 2020, Huachenyang brought an amazing first wave of sales.

However, behind the sales of flocking cotton swabs, the product team also faces many problems.

Due to the rapid increase in demand, our general manager and his management team worked overtime throughout the night to establish emergency solutions.

The content of the plan is to produce flocking cotton swabs 24 hours a day.

After the initial decision of the group, it was not feasible to just want to try it at first, but then the facts decided to produce flocking swabs 24 hours a day and achieved particularly good results.

If you need it, contact us for discount

We promise that no matter where you are, as long as you get in touch with our factory, we will provide you with various planting cotton swabs, as well as customized OEM and ODM.

Welcome new and old customers from all over the world to consult. Contact now for discounts.
In this critical link, our performance is attribut to all our teams and CEOs, who led everyone to complete product quality services, optimize production processes and accelerate production progress, so that our Huachenyang becomes more powerful.