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how to use guide

how to use guide

Oh, Hello everyone.

Today I’d like to introduce how to use the nose swab set.

First of all, I would like to introduce what is the nose swab set and what it includes? Let’s have a look

Take a look at the structure of the above picture. Yes, you are right. The nose swab kit consists of a nasal swab and a virus sampling tube.

Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction and usage

♣ Product Name:

Nose swab suit

♣ Product specification:

cy-96000 + one virus sampling tube

Remarks: 1. The diameter of sampling head does not include fluff; the length of connecting rod of handle is the length from handle to fracture.

② If there are slight differences in specifications and sizes of the products, please take the products as the standard.

♣ Scope of application:

It can be used for biological sample test of natural cavity, such as throat, nasal cavity and oral cavity.

♣ ( how to use guide ) Collection Description:

① First, open the outer package of the flocking swab, hold the swab rod, gently take it out, and hold the handle tightly, and then insert the sampling swab into the nasal mucosa. Note: disposable sampling swab head should not contact other items except nasal mucosa to avoid contamination.

② Gently rotate the sampling swab from the inside out and from the outside to the inside of the nasal mucosa for 3-5 turns until the sample is completely absorbed, and then slowly take out.

③ Put the extracted sample into the sample collection liquid tube, break the handle, discard the tail, screw the pipe cover tightly, and then seal the sample.

Note: too many rotations may result in dilution or loss of the sample. After sampling, make sure that the disposable sampling swab does not touch any other objects.

♣ contraindication:

Flocking has very light prickles on the skin. Before use, the group with allergy to flocking should rotate the sampling site slightly for allergy test before use.

♣ matters needing attention:

① The product is suitable for biological sample test on natural lumen and other parts of people of any age.

② This product is disposable, please do not use it repeatedly.

③ Before sampling, please check whether the package is in good condition. If it is damaged, please stop using immediately and contact the dealer or manufacturer for replacement.

④ In case of allergic reaction after use, please stop using immediately and contact the dealer or manufacturer for replacement.

⑤ Please do not eat, smoke or drink 30 minutes before sampling to avoid affecting the sampling operation.

⑥ Please dispose according to the local laws.

♣ Product storage:

keep in a cool and dry place, sealed.

how to use guide