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What is the use of cell preservation solution

What is the cell preservation solution:

The cell preservation solution is used for the preservation and transportation of cells taken from the human body.

It is only use for in vitro analysis and testing purposes, not for therapeutic use, and it cannot be take orally or externally.

What is the function of it:

The cell preservation solution can not only maintain, but also repair the original shape and structure,

This is the basis of pathological diagnosis.

If the shape and structure change, it may cause the diagnosis result to be wrong.

Therefore,  is requir to fix the cell morphology.

It not only has a dilution effect, but also separates a large number of effective cells embedded in mucus.

Not only can it remove impurities and keep the cells in good condition, but it can also extend the sample time without performing denaturation tests.

Make more cells of test value be preserve, provide a sufficient number of cells, and provide a guarantee for the accuracy of test results.

This product is simple and easy to use, and meets all the processes from sample collection to preservation solution:

1. Before sampling, mark the relevant sample information on the label of the sampling tube.
2. Use a sampling swab (or collector) to sample.
3. After sampling, quickly put the sampling swab into the sampling tube containing the cell preservation solution, and break the part higher than the sampling tube (or put the sample collected by the collector into the sampling tube containing the cell preservation solution, Mix evenly), screw the cap of the tube tightly.

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