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Sampling swab manufacturer

Sampling swab manufacturer

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Factory Overview:

The first thing to do is to introduce the overview of our factory. We were established in Shenzhen in 2008 and established a GMP production swab workshop. There are about 250 workers.

We not only have a team of doctors who research and develop cotton swabs, but also an elite management team who is proficient in ISO13485 and second experience in similar sterile management factories.

Our products have also obtained CE, FDA, NMPA, CFDA, SGS, ROHS, EUA, TUV and other certifications.

main products:

Our main products are flocking cotton swabs, oral cotton swabs, throat cotton swabs, nasopharyngeal cotton swabs, cervical cotton swabs, sponge cotton swabs, sampling cotton swabs,

Sampling swabs, polyester fiber swabs, disposable sampling swabs, sterile cotton swabs. Single use virus sampling tube.

Flocking cotton swabs mark the latest development of disposable specimen collection equipment.

Flocking refers to the process of flocking (multi-length fibers) (called flocking) onto the adhesive-coated surface to enhance sample collection.

Therefore, flocking cotton swabs have obvious advantages in many applications


flocked swabs

There are many types of swab packages, 20 in a row, individually packaged, and bulk packaged.

We can not only design packaging, logos, printed information, OEM, ODM, design drawings and samples according to your requirements, but also process materials.

In order to let customers get better quality flocking swabs, we strictly require and control every level of quality.

flocked swab

The packaging of the swab factory is also available in many languages, English, Chinese, Japanese, and various languages are customize. Our swabs can not only be exporte to all parts of the world, but also the packaging will be different according to the sea, land and air.

Our flocking swabs have vertical nylon fibers, which not only optimize specimen collection and elution into the transport medium, but also have a molded breakpoint that allows you to pull out the swab stick safely and easily, and target different The test tube provides several breakpoint options.

Sampling swab manufacturer


Sterile Flocked Swabs – Huachenyang

Sterile Flocked Swabs – Huachenyang

  • HUACHENYANG’s flocked swabs immediately release samples into liquid media. Since there is no inner core to trap the sample, recovery is dramatically improved over traditional fiber swabs. Sterile flocked swabs eliminate the need for forceps, gauze swabs, bowls, and bottled solutions.
  • Measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from the patient for quantitative measurement and improved test sensitivity.
  • Our flocked swabs are compatible with multiple applications and platforms, such as antigen testing, EIA, molecular-based assays, DFA, cytology testing, forensics, bacteriology, and virology culture.
  • huachenyang’s sterile flocked swabs have anatomical designs and a soft brush like texture in order to rapidly and efficiently dislodge cells that make them the perfect nasal swab for viral sample collection.

The swab must come in contact with the posterior nasopharynx mucosa and be rotated several times over for five to 10 seconds to collect sufficient cells.

Description Packaging Supplier No. VWR Catalog Number Unit Price Quantity
Flocked Swab, with 30 mm Breakpoint from Swab Tip Peel Pouch CY STERILE FLOCKED SWAB 10755-188 Box of 100
Flocked Swab, with 30 mm Breakpoint from Swab Tip Dry Tube CY STERILE FLOCKED SWAB 10755-190 Box of 100
Flocked Swab, with 80 mm Breakpoint from Swab Tip Peel Pouch CY STERILE FLOCKED SWAB 10755-184 Box of 100
Flocked Swab, with 80 mm Breakpoint from Swab Tip Dry Tube CY STERILE FLOCKED SWAB 10755-186 Box of 100
Flocked Swab, with 100 mm Breakpoint from Swab Tip Peel Pouch CY STERILE FLOCKED SWAB 10755-180 Box of 100
Flocked Swab, with 100 mm Breakpoint from Swab Tip Dry TubeCY STERILE FLOCKED SWAB 10755-182 Box of 100

Sterile Flocked Swabs – Huachenyang


Huachenyang Sterile Sampling Swabs

Huachenyang Sterile Sampling Swabs

Huachenyang™ Sterile Sampling Swabs have been engineered to efficiently collect biological fluids for elution and analysis, especially nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal sampling.

Sampling Swabs are ETO sterilized — free from human DNA, enzymes that degrade DNA and RNA, and polymerase chain reaction inhibitors.

Swab heads are available with either flocked or foam material.

Brush-like flocking microfiber cotton swabs are not only more comfortable, soft and have high surface area absorbency, but also can quickly absorb fluid samples by capillary.

Because Huachenyang sterile sampling swabs can provide more consistent and reproducible sample collection, which greatly reduces re-sampling.

Factory Certificates available:

FDA Registered
ISO13485:2016 since 2018 (TÜV Rheinland)
EC Certificate Dir 93/42/EEC Annex V
Made for iClean™ by HUACHENYANG

Head: Nylon Microfiber
Handle: Polystyrene or ABS
Microfiber provides high surface area for rapid capillary absorption of fluid specimens.
Flocking (brush-like nylon fibers) ideal for a sample collection from irregular surfaces.
The Head material structure is linear and open, which facilitates rapid absorption and thorough release of the specimen into the analyzing solution.

nasal swabs

Sterile Swabs: 100pcs/box (Designed for Collection of Nasopharyngeal Specimens)
Please contact us for bulk pricing on orders over 20 boxes (2000 swabs)

Features of sterile flocking swabs

Huachenyang’s sterile flocking swab not only has vertical nylon fibers, it can optimize specimen collection and elution into the transport medium.

And these sterile nasal swabs also have a molded breakpoint that allows you to remove the swab stick safely and easily.

Different test tubes can also provide different breakpoint options.

Unlike traditional fiber swabs (similar to mattresses or pads), Cleanmo’s flocked nasal swabs do not have an internal absorbent core to disperse and wrap the specimen.

Not only is the entire sample close to the surface, but it can also be quickly and completely. Using the vertical nylon fibers of a sterile flocking swab as a soft brush can not only improve the collection of cell samples.

Moreover, the capillary action between the fiber bundles facilitates the strong hydraulic absorption of the liquid sample, and the sample stays close to the surface for easy elution.

Furthermore, these nasal swabs are collect nasopharyngeal specimens for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) processing to help detect virus specimens.

Manufacturer: Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd


Nucleic acid sample collection flocked swab

Nucleic acid sample collection flocked swab


The flocking swab for nucleic acid sample collection is a set. It not only contains the sampling swab, but also virus preservation solution or sampling tube.

First of all ,we used a variety of antibiotics in the solution to prevent the samples from being contaminated by bacteria and dust.

Then, we added BSA bovine serum albumin (BSA) as a protein stabilizer, which not only protected the virus samples, but also increased the isolation rate.

Finally, in accordance with WHO regulations and biological safety regulations, the anti-sticky and leak-proof design ensures that the sample does not leak.

Virus Collection and Transport Kits

What body parts do nucleic acid sample sets mainly collect?

Nucleic acid sample collection and flocking swabs are mainly used in covid-19, nose, throat and mouth.

What is the information of our company

Our company not only produces flocking swabs, oral swabs, virus sampling tubes and sterile swabs, but also sells them ourselves. And the factory is only 10 minutes from the airport in Guangdong, China.

We are a high-tech manufacturer, our products not only sell well all over the world, but also have close cooperation with hospitals, centers for Disease Control and prevention, diagnostic reagent equipment and global agents.

Nucleic acid sample collection flocked swab

What are the product details

Brand name: Hua Chenyang

Model: cy-96000t

Origin: Guangdong, China

Material: PP + ABS + nylon rod

Length: 150 mm

Swab type: throat swab, nose swab, etc

Features of nylon pile: clean, odorless and tasteless

Total size: 13 * 178mm

Certificate: certificate from CE and ISO

Purpose: Whether it is a hospital, CDC for virus detection collection or detection of virus samples for laboratory testing can be used

Packing: individually packed or boxed

If you need to know or purchase our products, please call our hotline 0755-2733226

Huachenyang’s products sell well all over the world

At present, huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd. has sold tens of millions of medical products. Huachenyang products not only sell well all over the world, but also get the unanimous praise of many customers.