Understanding anal swabs


Understanding anal swabs

Understanding anal swabs

The anal swab officially meets with the public, and it is still not accepted as a nucleic acid test method. Many friends are afraid of the anal swab test. “Will the anal swab test be uncomfortable?” “The anal swab can be at home? Do you do it yourself? I always feel that it would be embarrassing for others to do anal swabs.”

In fact, the technical difficulty of anal swab collection is not high. Experts believe that if you can refer to the following anal swab sampling methods, you can also perform anal swab sampling at home, but before doing anal swabs, the head of the swab must not be Touch other parts outside the anus to avoid contamination. In addition, experts said that anal swabs can also be replaced by fecal sampling.

How to collect anal swabs

1、Take out the sampling swab, do not touch other parts or other places (so as not to contaminate the swab).

2、Gently insert the swab into the anus 3~5 cm.

3、Use the swab to choose 4~5 turns in the anus and then gently pull out the swab.

4、Put the sampling swab vertically into the sampling tube (transport medium or virus preservation solution).

Precautions for anal swabs

1、Clean before sampling.

2、Anal swabs are not suitable for people with hemorrhoids, perianal abscess, anal erosions or ulcers.

3、Anal swabs are not suitable for patients who have just finished hemorrhoids and anorectal surgery.

4、Those who have the above situation should communicate with the sampling personnel in advance.

Understanding anal swabs

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