What is 10 in 1 mixed sampling


What is 10 in 1 mixed sampling

What is 10 in 1 mixed sampling

10 in 1 mix collection means that after 10 people are sample separately, the samples are place in the same virus sampling tube. This mixed sampling mode is suitable for large-scale testing projects and has the advantages of efficient screening and resource saving.

So where are its advantages?

Because a virus sampling tube only puts one person’s sample, the cost will be high, and the detection time is long, and it is not suitable for large-scale nucleic acid testing. In principle, such sampling is requir for high-risk areas and key populations mode.

When using the 10-in-1 mixed sampling test, the result is negative, which means that all 10 people are negative. On the contrary, once a positive or weak positive is found, follow up immediately,

a single-tube swab will be collect again for review,

and then it will be determined which of the 10 people is positive.

Therefore, the cost of 10 in 1 mix mining is relatively low. This also caused the  mode to be 10 times faster than the previous mode of using a virus sampling tube for one person’s sample.

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