What is a throat swab


What is a throat swab

What is a throat swab
A throat swab is a swab used to check whether the throat is diseased and to sample the throat. It can be say to be a detection method to understand the patient’s condition, oral mucosa, and pharynx infection.

Because the pharynx is affected by infections caused by external bacteria when the body’s body or local resistance is reduced,

the doctor needs to collect some cells or viruses for observation when we seek medical treatment, so as to understand the patient’s disease. Illness.

How are throat swabs collected?

When sampling a throat swab:

  1. First, check personal information with the subject.
  2. Then tear off the outer packaging of the sampling swab and take out the sampling swab.
  3. Let the subject open his mouth to make an ah sound, exposing the throat, and if necessary, press the tongue down with a tongue depressor (lightly press the front 2/3 of the tongue and the back 1/3).
  4. Take out the sterile swab, gently and quickly wipe the bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and the back wall of the pharynx 3 times, and put the swab head into the preservation solution.
  5. At the mouth of the preservation tube, fold off the tail of the swab firmly, discard the tail, tighten and cover the tube cap (strictly perform aseptic operation).
  6. Check the patient’s name again after sampling.
  7. Put it into a sealed bag and a special transfer box, and quickly send the sample to the laboratory for inspection.

The advantages of throat swab products:

  1. The collected samples have a release rate of more than 90%.
  2. It can be operated with one hand to avoid pollution and is convenient to use.
  3. Ethylene oxide sterilization, independent packaging.
  4. Unique craftsmanship increases the comfort of the collected person.
  5. Under normal temperature conditions, samples can be store for 12 months.
  6. Pharyngeal Swab The swab set is a combination of swab and preservation solution,
  7. which cooperates with one time/person to collect swab samples.

What is a throat swab

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