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iClean® Nasopharyngeal Swab

Individually-sealed, sterile, flocked, nasopharyngeal swab with plastic, breakable shaft. For collecting SARS-CoV-2 and other clinical specimens,COVID-19,H1N1,H7N9,Hand, foot and mouth disease

Product Principle
Proprietary nylon tip flocking process optimizes specimens collection and instant, spontaneous elution in media with up to 95% release
No-slip, frosted, flexible plastic handle with molded breakpoint, ergonomic & anatomic designs for optimal patient comfort and efficient sample collection
Compatible with most diagnostic molecular and antigen tests
Simple Convenience
80 mm and 90mm breakpoint (fits most standard 5mL, 10mL, 12mL, 15mL tubes)

For the collection of nasopharyngeal specimens, including SARS-CoV-2,COVID-19

Tilt patient head back and insert swab into nostril until swab collar touches the outside of the nose.
Once swab is in place, rotate in a circular motion 2 times and keep in place for 10-15 seconds for optimal sample collection.
Remove swab from patient and insert tip into an acceptable viral transport medium.
Break swab shaft against the side of the tube, and close the lid.
Transport specimen to testing laboratory.

FDA Status
Manufacturer and product registered, listed, and FDA compliant

Not available in all countries; please inquire.

Manufactured by Chenyang Global.

ProductQtyItem #iClean® Nasopharyngeal Swab 5,000 CY-96000]

Brand introduction: iClean is the brand of Huachenyang. It mainly produces medical devices, IVD diagnostic kit products, iclean swabs, iClean virus sampling tubes, and virus transport media.

Supplier introduction: Since its establishment, the factory has specialized in the production of flocking swabs, oral throat and nasal cavity swabs, sterile sponge swabs. iClean is our main brand and the HUACHENYANG brand. The daily delivery capacity of swabs can reach 10 million swabs per day. Virus sampling tubes can deliver 2 million sets per day. We are a top supplier in China, and our production strength has reached the industry-leading level, and we have obtained CE, FDA, and ISO13485 quality management systems.

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