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Sterile Surface Swab Kit

The Surface Swab Kit is ideal for determining the relative degree and type of biological contamination in an area. This non-destructive method can be used safely on most surfaces and is ideal for irregular surfaces such as air return grills. Rayon tip is inert, non-toxic, and permits good sample retrieval and adsorption.

  • Samples surfaces for bioaerosol contamination
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Individually packed sterile swabs assure sample integrity
  • Inexpensive method
  • Suitable for characterising source contamination
  • Non-destructive

Applications include testing the level of microbial contamination on surfaces such as air conditioning units, kitchen equipment, hospital wards, spas, or areas of flooding where sewage contamination is suspected.

Easy Four Step Sampling:

  1. Remove the sterile swab from its package aseptically.
  2. Remove the sealing cap from the tube containing the sponge and moisten the swab tip.
  3. Using a rolling motion, gently swab the desired area thoroughly. Templates are included in the kit for defined area sampling.
  4. Insert the swab into the tube, replace the sealing cap, and prepare for transport to a laboratory.
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