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The best flocked swabs in China

The best flocked swabs in China

As we all know, the development of medical enterprises is of great help to society, especially with the advancement of Chinese medical technology, the international community is paying more and more attention to products related to Chinese medical technology.

The quality of Chinese swabs is getting better and better

Perhaps a few years ago, you might still think that medical consumables such as flocking swabs that came into direct contact with the sampling site might not be safe in China. Maybe it still prefers foreign imports, after all, CDC is very strict in the production of flocking sampling cotton swabs. However, the National Health Commission of my country also has clear requirements for the materials of the drug visa in the “New Technical Guidelines for Coronary Heart Disease Pneumonia Laboratory Testing (Third Edition)”. In addition, the State Council clearly stated in the “High-priced Medical Consumables Governance Reform Plan”, “Improve the supervision and management mechanism and seriously investigate and deal with illegal activities. We not only improve quality management and strict preliminary planning, approve sales registration, but also establish a product quality system with a product information traceability system;”.

What is a flocking swab?

Flocking swabs are the latest development trend of disposable sample collection equipment. Flocking refers to the use of “spraying technology” to vertically attach millions of nylon fibers to a handle made of ABS material through static electricity during the flocking process for medical purposes.

In order to improve sample collection, flocking swabs are divided into different types, such as throat swabs, DNA test swabs, gynecological cervical sampling swabs, anal swabs, microbial sampling swabs, etc.
Flocking swabs have obvious advantages in many applications.

What are the advantages of Huachenyang’s flocking swab?

According to the research of laboratory professionals, the flocking swab produced by Shenzhen Huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd. has the following five advantages:

(1) Huachenyang’s flocking swab can provide the best sampling:

Huachenyang’s flocked swabs are a good choice for rapid diagnostic tests because they can better collect cells or organisms at the collection point. And can ensure the rapid release of the entire cell. Huachenyang flocking swabs ensure a higher sampling rate due to its unique manufacturing process.

(2) Huachenyang flocking swab can enhance the sensitivity of diagnosis:

Huachenyang has a professional flocking technology, which can turn each fiber into a soft brush. Compared with non-aggregated swabs, it can form hundreds of thousands of contact points to better collect and release specimens. The increased number of target cells helps improve the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests.

(3) Huachenyang’s flocking swab can quickly clean samples

Aggregate swabs are a fully integrated process (meaning they do not contain internal fabrics or other cores that absorb samples, that is, they will not intercept the samples in the fibers), not only can collect and retain more samples, but also more A good sample collection rate can also release the entire sample into the preservation solution or medium faster and more completely. If the sample is close to the surface, the sample can be eluted faster and more thoroughly.

(4) Huachenyang multi-head flocking fiber specially designed for flocking swabs

Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is not the only medical consumable manufacturer that provides flocking cotton swabs, but we are the most diligent and sincere people. We hope to produce the highest quality and most exquisite flocking cotton swabs, polyester or artificial wire. Swab to collect and keep more samples.

(5) Huachenyang’s flocking cotton swabs are unique in design, which is easy to handle and transport

The flocking cotton swabs we produce have a unique breaking point.

So after sampling, you can put the cotton swab against the side of the virus sampling tube,

Easily break the end of the swab that is higher than the tube.

Tighten the lid to ensure safe transportation and storage.

Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. has always strictly required its products to have the highest production quality standards,

and is committed to becoming the best manufacturer of flocking swabs in China.