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Nasopharyngeal swab - HUACHENGYANG

  • Disposable sterile foam swab


    Our foam swabs optimize sample collection and elution into the transfer medium. The swab also has a molded breakpoint that allows you to break the swab stick safely and easily, and there are multi...

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  • VTM and Swab Kit


    VTM and Swab Kit Short description 1 Nasopharyngeal Swab, 2 mL VTM (Standard CDC VTM formulation; Anterior Nasal Swabs) Tube Labels Have Unique Barcodes Availability: We have this item in S...

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  • How to use Huachenyang oral swab 98000


    How to use Huachenyang oral swab 98000 Steps for usage Step 1: tear off the sealing paper on the oral swab packaging bag, and gently take out the sampling swab from the bag. Note that the sampling ...

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  • How to use a sterile swab


    How to use a sterile swab Sterile swabs, the full name of single-use sterile sampling swabs, are used in bacteriological sample processing, COVID-19, nasal swab sampling, throat swab sampling, ora...

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  • What is a throat swab


    What is a throat swab A throat swab is a swab used to check whether the throat is diseased and to sample the throat. It can be say to be a detection method to understand the patient's condition, or...

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