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  • What are the benefits of flocking swabs?


    What are the benefits of flocking swabs? We all know that flocked swabs can be used to collect samples. We are a leader in the field of medical swabs, Do you know the benefits of flocking swabs? (...

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  • What to use a flocking sampling swab?


    What to use a flocking sampling swab? Maybe you have such a question in your mind, why use flocking sampling swabs? After reading this article, you may know the answer Reasons for using flocking s...

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  • Nasopharyngeal swab


    Nasopharyngeal swab What is a nasopharyngeal swab? Nasopharyngeal swabs are actually relatively long sampling swabs. Not only are relatively long disinfection sampling swabs, but their main functi...

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  • disposable sampling swabs


    disposable sampling swabs Quick Details Brand Name: Huachenyang Model Number: CY-96000 Instrument classification: Class I Product name: Nasopharyngeal Nylon Flocke...

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