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Introduction of DNA Blood Collection Card

DNA Blood Collection Card

♦ technical parameter

① Filter paper thickness: 0.5mm + 0.01mm

② . ash content of filter paper: 0.1% + 0.001%

③ Assembly environment: clean workshop, grade 100000, relative humidity 30% – 50%.

④ Total bacterial count: qualified according to GB / T 14233.2-93 “transfusion, blood transfusion and syringe test methods Part II: biological experimental methods”.

⑤ Effective area: 5 * 5 cm, 25 square or 12 mm diameter double collecting ring.

⑥ Sterilization: nano silver solution has antibacterial, bactericidal and bactericidal effects, which can effectively ensure the stability of DNA samples during storage.

⑦There is no man-made pollution.

⑧ Print text message and logo of your company according to customer’s requirements

DNA blood card consumables FTA blood sample collection card is a kind of collection, transportation and storage of various biological fluids (such as blood, semen, saliva), cell culture fluid, microorganism, plant tissue and virus samples at room temperature.

Through the unique formula and production process, the product has the functions of protein denaturation, cell membrane rupture, DNA adsorption and fixation, inhibition of bacterial growth and so on. The quality of the blood sample is high and the sample is stable.

♦ Advantages of DNA blood collection card: FTA blood sample collection card:

*DNA blood sample collection card FTA blood sample collection card is easy to use;

*Blood sample extraction is more standardized;

*The second is to ensure the quality and success of blood sample preservation and testing;

*The third is to avoid DNA degradation caused by gauze extraction and absorbent cotton extraction;

*Single sample collection design;

*The fourth is to avoid cross contamination between samples;

* Repeated examination is convenient for reexamination.

♦ Product packaging

1: 400 cards / box

2: 50 CARDS + 50 sampling tools + 50 DNA database cowhide bags

3: 30 card sterilized cotton piece, sterilized cotton piece, collection needle, DNA database cowhide bag gloves

♦ usage method

① Take a small section of yingkai FTA card sample with a punch.

1.2mm disk is recommended for blood and bacterial DNA samples.

For other types of samples, take 2.0 mm disc.

The sample disk was inserted into the PCR amplification tube.

② Add 200 ml of FTA purification reagent (Waterman product number: wg10204).

③ Culture at room temperature for 5 minutes (if necessary, mix properly in a test tube).

④ All FTA purification reagents used in the test tube were absorbed by pipette.

⑤ Repeat steps 2-4 twice and rinse with FTA purification reagent for three times.

⑥ 0 mm to the buffer solution with pH 1.0 mm.

⑦ Culture at room temperature for 5 minutes.

⑧ Pipette all TE-1 buffer solution used in the tube.

⑨ Repeat steps 6-8 and clean twice with TE-1 buffer.

⑩ The FTA CD-ROM is ready for subsequent DNA analysis.

♦ Product characteristics

*It is convenient to use, and the extracted blood sample is more standardized, which ensures the quality of blood sample preservation and high detection rate

*Single sample collection can avoid cross contamination between samples.

*There are liquid seepage prevention and pollution prevention protection inside the collection card

Natural letter recorded on blood card and sampling bag web:

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