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Expanded production of the flocked swab production line

Why expand?

Recently, huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd. has expanded the production line of flocking swabs. In 2020, the global epidemic situation is so severe.

Our company will expand the production line (manpower, material resources and equipment) more than 100 times. Because we have to face the global epidemic and unprecedented production. We should always keep quality first when the supply demand is particularly high.

To ensure the best quality in a large order environment. Nasal swabs, throat swabs, sampling swabs and virus sampling tubes have been expanded into multiple production lines

Expanded production of the flocked swab production line

What are the characteristics of flocking swabs?

Flocked swabs mark the newest evolution of single-use specimen collection devices. Flocking is the use of multiple lengths of fiber bonded to the coating surface with adhesive. This method can enhance the collection of samples.Flocking cotton swabs have certain advantages in many applications

Our company used nylon fiber flocking technology to make DNA extraction flocking swabs, and the front end was coated with vertically fixed short nylon fibers.

As a result, there is no absorption hole in the collection area of the whole swab。
And DNA cells will not disperse and stay in the fiber。
Which is conducive to faster and more efficient elution.

The product is equipped with our unique fresh keeping bag,

Place the swab in a test tube in air,

In order to prevent contamination of the sample due to package adhesion.

The bottom of the tube is equipped with a special filter membrane to ensure the air permeability inside and outside the tube, prevent the test material from mildew, and filter out the small particles of impurities in the external air that may affect the quality of the test material, so as to facilitate the long-term storage of samples.

Huachenyang’s products sell well all over the world

At present, huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd. has sold tens of millions of medical products. Huachenyang products not only sell well all over the world, but also get the unanimous praise of many customers.

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