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Nylon Flocked Swabs

Nylon Flocked Swabs

Huachenyang provides a variety of nylon flocked swab tip sizes ,

and various shaped handles for specific applications.

Medico sterile sample collection nylon flocked swabs for sample collection can be Individually-wrapped in dry transport tube or peel pouches.

Nylon Flocked Swabs for Sample Collection


*Nasopharyngeal Oropharyngeal viruses collection、

*Microrheologics Microbiology,

*Industrial , Forensics,

*Medical sample collection


*Ergonomics and anatomical design:

Patient comfort and cell sample collection efficiency improved at the same time.

*High quality sample elution:

Unlike traditional wound swabs, when the sample does not come out of the mattress core,

it has an open fiber structure that can immediately transfer the sample cells to the liquid medium.

*Rapid absorption (improved sample collection)

The static electricity is sprayed on the fiber and fixed evenly and vertically on the top of the coater.

This powerful capillary effect quickly absorbs cell samples.

*Increase analysis sensitivity:

Nylon flocked cotton swab can quickly elute more than 95% of the original sample,

so it is easy to improve the analytical sensitivity.

*Just collect, capture and transport:

Peel off the pouch, collect cell samples,

and clip the applicator shaft into the provided delivery medium or cuvette tube.

*Quantitative volume transfer:

Measurable and consistent absorption and transfer from the patient to the test tube,

without an internal mattress core,

disperses and holds precious samples like traditional fiber wound swabs.

In contrast, the entire sample remains close to the surface for rapid and complete elution.

*Vertical nylon fiber:

Such as a soft brush, it can improve the collection of cell samples.

The capillary interaction between nylon fiber bundles not only facilitates the strong water absorption of cell samples,

but also keeps the cells close to the surface, which is more convenient for elution.

*Certified without inhibitors and interferences:

Swabs collected are certified DNase, RNase free, and human DNA free.

They also do not contain any PCR inhibitors.

Certificate of analysis for each batch.

*Ideal for automation:

Compared with the traditional fiber wound swab,

4n6 DNA swab only released a small amount of fiber during the extraction process.

This avoids the risk of clogging of the pipettes and probes used by the liquid handling robot.

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