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Precautions for pharyngeal swab collection standard

Precautions for pharyngeal swab collection standard

Hello, everyone. Recently, I’ve heard that autumn and winter are approaching, and the epidemic is likely to break out. So today, I’d like to tell you about the collection standards and precautions of throat swabs

The concept of throat swab:

Pharyngeal swab specimen:

use a medical cotton swab to dip a small amount of secretion from the throat of the human body,

and the sample taken is the throat swab sample.

Why do throat swabs

Collected the secretion was from pharynx or tonsil for bacterial culture or virus isolation to assist clinical diagnosis.

For example, measles, hand, foot and mouth disease, influenza, new coronavirus screening.

When suspected cases are considered clinically, throat swabs may be collected for nucleic acid detection.

preparation before throat swab:

Pharyngeal swab sampling tube (tube + swab), the size of which is suitable for the sealing bag with the danger sign of performance biology, tongue depressor, etc.

Check the label on the outside of the throat swab (whether there is date and specification,

whether the color of the sampling liquid has deteriorated, whether it is turbid, whether there is sediment, etc.,

and improve the information of the sampling tube, such as: name, sampling unit, and label the sampling number)

Communicate with the examinee first and inform them in advance that they will not smoke,

drink, chew gum, and food with pungent taste within 30 minutes before sampling.

Throat swab sampling:

① First, check the personal information with the subject.

② And then tear the coat package of the sampling swab and take out the sampling swab;

③ Let the subject open his mouth and make a sound to expose his throat.

If necessary, press the tongue with a tongue depressor

(gently press the front 2 / 3 and the back 1 / 3 of the tongue);

④ Take out the sterile swab, gently and quickly wipe bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall for 3 times,

and put the swab head into the preservation solution,

⑤ At the mouth of the preservation tube,

buckled off the tail of the swab

Do not tail, tighten the cap of the tube (in strict accordance with the aseptic operation),

⑥ Check the patient’s name again after sampling;

⑦ The samples should be send to the laboratory quickly and sealed.

Matters needing attention:

① When putting the swab into the tube,

the swab should be vertically instead of wiping to the mouth of the bottle to avoid contamination.

When put into the transfer box, it should be placed vertically to avoid liquid leakage.

② It is better to send / send to the laboratory for inspection on the day of sampling.

③ Before submission for inspection, it is necessary to make sure that the appropriate specimen is consistent with the inspection sheet.

The appearance of the sampling tube must be clear and well-known basic information,

and the specimen without basic information can not be tested; the submitted specimen must be submitted

(or submitted in advance electronic version) screening information form, inspection form and other materials,

and the submitted materials should be ensured not to be contaminated and not put together with the samples.

④ In order to prevent cross-sectional drawing during sampling, it should not be carried out within 2 hours after eating, and the collection action should be gentle, stable and agile to avoid causing discomfort to patients

⑤ The throat swab should not touch other parts during collection to ensure the accuracy of the specimen.

⑥ Please do not use antibiotics when making a throat swab.

⑦ The depth of pharyngeal swab collection and the length of mucosal contact time. When collecting pharyngeal swabs, if the sampling time is not enough due to the large vomiting response of the subjects or the use of inferior swabs, false negative results may be caused, resulting in delayed treatment.

Precautions for pharyngeal swab collection standard

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