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What are the characteristics of oral swab 98000FS

What are the characteristics of oral swab 98000FS

In fact, only using ordinary medical cotton swabs, different people will collect somatic cells from the oral cavity. Therefore, there are certain deviations in frequency, amplitude, sample cutting volume, and the number of templates used to increase these cells, resulting in sampling swabs. The storage effect of the DNA temperature state is unstable, which greatly affects the subsequent storage and test results.

Now Huachenyang’s toothbrush-type oral swab not only solves the problem of high cell collection and preservation efficiency, but also does not need to worry about some deviations caused by factors such as the frequency and amplitude of scrubbing, which will affect the subsequent preservation and test results.


1. Because the novel pusher design makes it easy to push the cotton swab directly into the sampling tube after sampling, and the sampling cotton swab will fall into the sampling tube, it makes the operation easier.

2. Huachenyang oral swabs use polyester fiber technology, so it can speed up sample absorption and speed up sample release.

3. Maximum sample elution and transfer, especially for the collection of trace DNA samples.

4. In fact, you can choose different storage solutions for different types of samples.

5. Adopt internationally universal medical dialysis paper-plastic packaging which is convenient for sterilization.

6. Special treatment with antibacterial agent to prevent microbial contamination.

7. Independent packaging, sterile, no inhibitors, to ensure reliable results.

What are the characteristics of oral swab 98000FS