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Nasal sampling flocked swab

Nasal sampling flocked swabNasal sampling flocked swab is a micro type flocking swab. It is used for sampling new coronavirus, collecting influenza and other pathogens, and detecting nucleic acid

Nasal sampling flocked swab is made by high-efficiency independent technology. The head is soft and the experience is good when sampling. It will not cause traumatic bleeding. The elasticity of the rod is better. The head material collection and release samples are better. The release rate of the swab head is more than 95%. We have done scientific verification. Welcome to consult the nasal sampling flocked swab.

Product description

1、 Performance and structure

The product is composed of a swab head (nylon wool head) and polystyrene plastic rod. Sterile (micro type) plastic rod nylon flocking swab for nasopharynx (individually packaged) is disposable and sterilized by radiation.

Nasal sampling flocked swab

2、 Scope of application

  1. It is suitable for DNA sampling, nasopharynx, and other parts of the sample collection, convenient transmission, avoid pollution.

Name: nylon flocking swab for nasopharynx, plastic rod, aseptic packing

This product is produced by new technology in Australia. A large number of clinical trials abroad have shown that nylon flocked swabs have better collection and transportation effects on clinical biological samples than ordinary sterile swabs, especially for those samples that can not be submitted for examination in time and placed for too long.


  1. Connection strength: when the moving speed of the clamp of the tensile testing machine is 200 mm / min, the pull-out force of one end of the sampling head and the connecting rod shall not be less than 2n,
  2. Breaking strength: when the test span is 6cm, the swab should be able to withstand 4N axial static pressure for 15s without permanent deformation or fracture


  1. Rotational friction: after viscose is applied on the ABS rod, the rubbing fastness is no more than 2n, the rotational friction 360 degree is not less than 3 times, and the amount of depilated pile on the surface is not more than 2.

Aseptic disposable sampling flocking swabs have passed the national quality supervision equipment testing center for the whole project testing and issued the inspection and shipment qualified report. Sampling swabs are divided into throat swab, oral swab, DNA swab, and cervical swab, which can be used by various laboratory testing centers. The amount of samples collected and released by flocking swab is 3 times higher than that of traditional winding swab, and it does not cause damage to cell samples. It ensures the survival rate of cell samples and no residual fatty acids, which has no impact on the test results and does not cause harm to human body.

*Nasal swabs were collected by medical institutions to collect virus and DNA samples from patients with nasal infection;

*The virus and DNA samples of oral and throat infections were collected by medical institutions;


iClean Flocked swab Supplier

iClean Flocked swab Supplier by HUACHENYANG,We are a company with more than ten years of experience in producing flocking swabs. The products are exported to developed countries in Europe and the United States. The products have passed CE, FDA, CFDA, ISO13485 quality management systems. In domestic hospitals, disease control centers, genetic diagnosis, research institutes, schools And high-quality suppliers of scientific research units, if you are interested in our flocked swabs, please leave a message or call us, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Flocking swabs, Huachen Yang is the first choice.

Iclean nylon flocked swab is widely used in bacteriological sample processing, virological cell culture, DFA test, rapid and direct test, enzyme immunoassay, PCR and molecular diagnosis, as well as forensic identification. It can also be used for throat sampling of respiratory viruses such as influenza, swine influenza, avian influenza, hand, foot and mouth.

Sampling swab product features:

  1. It has extraordinary water absorption capacity, which can increase the number of samples collected on its surface from 20% of traditional sampling swabs to 60%
  2. The release rate of the collected samples is more than 90%, which ensures the high reliability of the results
  3. Select different preservation solutions for different specimen types
  4. The plastic rod has a unique breakable design, which is convenient for specimen transportation
  5. Ethylene oxide sterilization, irradiation sterilization, independent packaging

iClean gene sampling series flocking DNA oral test is specially used to improve the quantity and quality of genomic DNA of oral test cells. Oral cell sample is a good non-invasive collection and detection method instead of blood. It can be used with a series of DNA separation and stability kits of icleanhcy to quickly collect DNA samples with high purity and integrity.

DNA flocked swab is suitable for human and animal use, and has advantages over other DNA samples in design. Its unique test matrix, rapid release interface, is more conducive to efficient cell collection and maximization of DNA yield. The test pieces have been sterilized with ethylene oxide and passed the detection of human DNA pollution.


Unique test matrix greatly improves DNA yield

1 to 10 G DNA from adult oral test

It’s a good alternative to blood collection

It can be used by both human and animal

Simple and fast operation

There are two types of disinfection packaging: single and double


Genotype study
Veterinary genotyping and diagnosis

Parenting and genetic services

Forensic and DNA population studies