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Manufacturer of single-use virus sampling tube

Manufacturer of single-use virus sampling tube

Manufacturer introduction:

Shenzhen huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 50 million yuan.

Is not only committed to nucleic acid detection, molecular diagnosis, but also focus on the development of medical detection, virus detection and other products.

The company has more than 20 patents, some of which have been transformed and appliy to the market.

The products are not only used in gene testing, medical institutions, disease control institutions, biopharmaceuticals, large first-class hospitals, but also used in entry-exit inspection and quarantine, diagnostic reagents, criminal investigation, forensic identification, etc.

Moreover, in recent years, the company has not only increased investment in independent R & D and actively introduced talents and technologies, but also has close cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, medical laboratories, tertiary hospitals and gene testing companies, and has promoted the development of human health industry with scientific research institutions such as centers for Disease Control and prevention.

What are the products independently develope by the company?

The company’s self-develope products include: disposable sampling swabs, medical cotton swabs, cell preservation fluid,

saliva collection devices, transport media, single-use virus sampling tubes, nucleic acid extraction or purification reagents,

single-use samplers, single-use sampling Products.

Product qualification:

Our products have not only passed the European CE, US FDA, ISO13485, China NMPA, SGS, TUV on-site certification, but also have the exclusive rights to register product trademarks and sales rights in many countries/regions.

We not only adhere to the quality policy of “quality first, truth-seeking and innovation, honesty and law-abiding, and win-win cooperation”.but also our products are sell all over the world and have be unanimously recognized by customers.

our position:

We are not only locate in Shenzhen, the fastest-growing innovative technology city in China, but also adjacent to the airport, and we are directly connected to Highway 107 from the entrance of the science and technology park, so our transportation is very convenient.

We are specifically locate on the eighth and eleventh floors of No. 4 factory building, No. 128, Shangnan East Road, Huangpu Community, Xinqiao Street, Bao’an District.

Our contact information:

If you have anything to know about our products or want to order, you can call our number 0755-27393226 29605332, or go to our official website: www.huachenyang.com, www.chenyanglobal.com, www.huachenyang .cn, the email also supports ordering and consultation: info@huachenyang.com

The role (purpose) of a single-use virus sampling tube:

The single-use virus sampling tube is our company’s best-selling star product.

It is suitable for nucleic acid extraction and later virus isolation of various influenza viruses,

avian influenza viruses, coronavirus, hand, foot and mouth, rubella and other virus samples.

It is also suitable for the collection and transportation of chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma and other specimens.

Samples are usually collecte from the mouth, throat, nasopharynx, anus and other parts of the human body.

Combination features of our disposable virus sampling tube set:

Disposable virus sampling tubes include sampling swabs and sampling tubes.

Let’s talk about the characteristics of sampling swabs and sampling tubes separately.

①Sampling swab: Our company use nylon flocking swab (rayon is optional). Because nylon flocking has no toxic effect on microorganisms and viruses, and does not contain RNase and DNase. It can maximize the collection and release of virus samples and ensure the accuracy of PCR detection results.

The flocking swab rod is make of ABS material, with a unique design that can be break, and no tiny debris is produce during the breaking process. It is convenient to put into the sampling tube without being contaminate.

②Sampling tube: The tube body and tube cover are make of polypropylene, which will not deform at high temperature and high pressure (121°C, 15min), and will not be brittle at low temperature (-196°C).

Resistant to static extrusion and dynamic impact. The bottom cone design is resistant to centrifugation and shock. Built-in transport medium (inactivated type, keep-alive type) for the release and preservation of samples to prevent leakage.

The sampling tube has built-in magnetic beads to facilitate elution and facilitate more virus release into the sample storage solution.

Manufacturer of single-use virus sampling tube


Virus Collection and Transport kits

Introduction of virus sampling tube:

50sets/box, 400 sets/carton.
· Material of the swab‘s tip is viscose.

The material used at the tip of the swab is viscose.

·Virus sampling tube is used for collection, transportation and preservation of influenza, avian influenza and hand foot mouth disease virus samples.

·Disposable sampling swab is composed of elastic plastic rod and viscose applicator.

·You can choose VTM transmission media according to your needs

·Easy to tear packaging, effectively avoid cross contamination.

·We will provide you with biohazard sample bags to ensure safe and reliable transportation.

Virus Collection and Transport kits

If you want to order more than 10000 sets, you can contact us to quote, we will give you a more favorable price.

If you need viral collection and transport kit with nasal flocked swabs, please contact us.

CY-F005-4010ml tube with 3ml VTM medium,one sterile swab with viscose tip,one biohazard specimen bag50sets/box, 400 sets/carton
CY-F005-305ml tube with 3ml VTM medium,one sterile swab with viscose tip,one biohazard specimen bag50sets/box, 400 sets/carton

Virus Collection and Transport kits Usage:

Sterile Swab:Φ2.2x150mm(Stick), approx. Φ5mm(Tip)

·It is non-toxic, soft and round, compact and not easy to tear up. It is not easy to loose when sampling

·The tip of the swab is made of viscose

·Super long, flexible and detachable plastic shaft makes access to difficult sampling points easier without any contamination.

·Use tamper proof label to record sample information, do not reuse

Transport tube:Φ16×58 (5ml),Φ16×87 (10ml)

· Radiation resistant PP material, shatter proof, low temperature.

①The sampling tube is made of radiation proof PP material, which can be used at low temperature and prevent breakage.

② The mold cover closely matched with the pipe passed the 95kpa test.

③ The skirt tube designed as inner cone can make the pipe stand upright on the workbench.

④ The shell is easy to observe, and the volume increment of molding sample is 1 / 2ml

⑤ Large marking area for marking as required.

If you need Collection Swabs only, Please follow this link to review and buy:

And if you need transportation management, you can contact us.

Or you need VTM-N Transport media, Please contact us.