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vtm swab manufacturer

vtm swab manufacturer

3 ML Viral Transport Medium in a 15 ML centrifuge tube and one sterile Flocked Nylon Swab.
Description: VTM is a specially designed transport system to collect and transport viruses in active form to the laboratory for isolation. It is designed to maintain the viability and the virulence of the viral sample.
VTM is a ready to use transport swab kit and includes a sterile flocked specimen collection swab and a tube

Product Specification

Storage Temperature15-30 c
swab typecollect Throat and Nasal swab from humans
Swab Medium2-3 ml
pH IndicatorPhenol red
Tube TypeSelf standing
Minimum Order Quantity200 Piece

Product Description

Viral transport medium consists of modified Hank’s Balanced salt solution supplemented with bovine serum albumin, sucrose, cysteine, gelatin and glutamic acid. the HEPES buffer protects pathogens  that are sensitive to pH changes in the medium. phenol red is added as a pH indicator.
The kit includes universal transport medium that is room temperature sable and can sustain viability of  organisms that include virus, chlamydiae and ureaplasmas during transit to the testing laboratories.

Store at 2-25 c (Do not freeze or incubate).