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Why Flocked Swabs Provide Superior Specimen Collection

Why Flocked Swabs Provide Superior Specimen Collection

Flocked swabs mark the newest evolution of single-use specimen collection devices.

Flocking refers to the multi length fiber (called flocking);

For adhesive coating surface;

To enhance the sample collection process.

All flocked swabs have definite advantages for many applications. Flocked Swabs Provide Optimum Sampling
Flocked swabs are an excellent choice for use with rapid diagnostic tests because of their ability to better collect cells or organisms at the collection site and rapid release of entire cells.

iClean® flocked swabs have been patented for their unique manufacturing process which allows for much higher sample yield.

Enhanced Diagnostic Sensitivity

Patented flocking technology turns every fiber into a velvet brush;

So as to create hundreds of thousands of contact points;

In order to better collect and release samples.

The increased number of target cells (compared to non-flocked swabs) help to improve sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests.

Rapid Elution

HUACHENYANG’s iClean® flocked swabs are fully integrated with the handle (meaning they contain no inner fabric or other inner core to absorb the specimen), a larger amount of specimen is collected and retained. Not only does this provide for better sample yield, it also allows a more rapid and complete release of the sample into liquid media.

Proprietary Multi-Length Flock Fibers

Puritan isn’t the only medical products supplier to offer flocked swabs. But we are the only company that makes iClean® swabs with proprietary multi-length flock fibers. Puritan’s proprietary multi-length flock fibers create a web-like structure that collects and retains more specimen than traditional cotton, polyester or rayon swabs.

Convenient Handling and Transport

Our PurFlock iClean® flocked swabs are available with pre-molded breakpoints, with printed indicators, so you can easily break the handle before attaching the cap to the vial. Sterile iClean® swabs are available in dry transport tubes and medium filled transport tubes. After sampling, simply replace the top portion of the tube for trouble-free transport. Click the image below to request a free sample, or contact us to learn more.

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