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Why use a virus sampling tube?

Why use a virus sampling tube?

A virus is a small substance compose of nucleic acid molecules and proteins or only of proteins.
It is small in size and simple in structure.
Since there is no cell structure, the virus itself cannot replicate, so the gene is invad into the host cell, and new viruses are replicate with the help of the latter’s replication system.

After the virus sample is collecte, in order to maintain the viability of the virus sample and prolong the survival time of the virus in the sample, the sampling swab will be store and transport in the preservation solution.

How to use virus preservation solution:

①. Before sampling, note the relevant virus sampling information on the label of the sampling tube;

② According to different sampling requirements, use a sampling swab to sample at the corresponding part;

③. Put the sampled swab vertically into the virus sampling tube;

④. Break the sampling swab at the broken place, discard the tail, and tighten the tube cap

④ Put it in a biosafety bag and send it for inspection in time

The virus sampling tube is our company’s best-selling star product. It is suitable for nucleic acid extraction and later virus isolation of various virus samples such as influenza virus, avian influenza virus, coronavirus, hand, foot and mouth virus, rubella and measles.
At the same time, it is also suitable for the collection and transportation of chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma ureaplasma and other specimens.
The specimens are usually collected from the human body’s natural cavities, such as the oral cavity, throat, nasopharynx, and anus.

Features of our products:

Our virus sampling tube contains: disposable sampling swab and virus sampling tube,

① Disposable sampling swabs:

Our company uses flocking swabs (also rayon can be selected), flocking swabs are not toxic to microorganisms and viruses, and they do not contain RNase and DNase.

It can maximize the collection and release of virus samples and ensure the accuracy of PCR detection results.

The flocking swab rod is made of ABS, with a unique design that can be broken, so that no small debris will be produced during the breaking process.

②Virus sampling tube: The tube body and tube cover are made of polypropylene,

which will not be deformed under high temperature and high pressure,

and will not be brittle at low temperature.
Resistant to static extrusion and dynamic impact.

The bottom cone design is resistant to centrifugation and vibration.
Containing virus preservation solution (inactivated type, non-inactivated type), used for release and preservation of samples, will not leak.

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