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VTM Swab Kit

VTM Swab Kit is used for collection, transport, maintenance, and long-term freeze storage of Viruses, such as Influenza, including H1N1, Chlamydia,Mycoplasma, and Ureaplasma specimens.
The Virus sampling tube swab kit can be conveniently stored at room temperature.
Kit includes a 1pc Transport Medium sampling tube, PP,10ml with 3ml VTM liquid.
                   1pc Nasal flocked swab or throat swab.
                   Sterile blister pack.
Cat No.
VTM Swab Kit with a nasal swab
VTM Swab Kit with an oral swab
VTM Swab Kit with 2 swabs ( nasal swab+oral swab)

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HCY takes the product quality as the essence of enterprise development, adhering to the principle of “first-class products, first-class services” in an all-round way, pursuing the enterprise spirit of “seeking truth, innovation, unity, and efficiency”. HCY organizes the whole process of production and sales in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485 management system, with stable performance and reliable quality.

  • Doctoral team responsible for R & D 
  • –Approved by CE / FDA / ISO / TGA certification
  • –GMP Class 100,000 dust-free sterilized production workshop
  • –Self-Owned mold factory
  • –Automatic production and packaging
  • –Medical grade material
  • –Directly Supply to the American and European Governments and hospitals, including WHO.
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American flocked swab

American flocked swab

The flocked swabs of the Huachenyang factory are supplied in the United States. We provide high-quality flocking swabs, nasal swabs, throat swabs, flocking nasal swabs, sponge swabs, please consult us.

Huachenyang supplies swabs in the US area:Alabama,Alaska,Arizona,Arkansas,California,colorado,Connecticut,Delaware,Florida,Georgia,Hawaii,Idaho,Illinois,Indiana,Iowa,Kansas,Kentucky,Louisiana,Maine,Maryland,Massachusetts,Michigan,Minnesota,Mississippi,Missouri,Montana,Nebraska,Nevada,New Hamps hire,New Jersey,New Mexico,New York,North Carolina,North Dakota,Ohio,Oklahoma,Oregon,Pennsylvania,Rhode Island,South Carolina,Tennessee,Texas,Utah,Vermont,Virginia,Washington,West Virginia,Wisconsin,Wyoming.

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With its superior collection and elution properties, nylon flocked swabs are quickly gaining popularity for buccal cell collection. The Medico sterile nylon flocked swabs traps more specimen within its propriety micro-channels than traditional cotton swabs. Sterile and individually wrapped in the transport tube. Elongated flock tip with polystyrene handle.



Flocked Tip (mm) Handle Dimension (mm) Packaging
Width Thickness Length Diameter 1 Diameter 2 Molded
Length from Tip


Taper to 5.0

Taper to 5.0



Taper to 2.0



100 Swabs / Box
50 Boxes / Case

Nylon Flocked Swabs Applications:

Buccal cell collection
Forensic evidence collection
Rapid diagnostic testing
Specimen collection
DNA collection

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Our website address:https://www.chenyanglobal.com

Factory address: Hengchangrong High Tech Park, No.128 East Shangnan Rd., Shajing St., Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

American flocked swab


Description of Iclean swab for new crown sampling(flocked swab)

Description of Iclean swab for new crown sampling(flocked swab)


About the brand introduction of I clean swab, the factory registered trademark of I clean brand swab in the United States is: huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. our swabs include oral swabs, nasal swabs, and throat swabs, which are used for virus sample collection.

1:Iclean brand registration time:2018

2:Factory address:SHENZHEN

3: quality system:ISO13485,CE,FDA,CMPA

4:manufacturer: Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

Model: CY-96000, CY-93050, CY-98000

♠ Collection Description:

① Tear off the sealing paper on the packaging bag of disposable sampling swab, and take out the disposable sampling swab from the bag.

Note: disposable sampling swab should not touch other items except throat to avoid contamination.

② Put a disposable sampling swab into the throat and quickly wipe the palatal arch and throat

③ After the collection, please take the throat sampling swab out of the mouth and put it into the sampling tube. Break off the disposable sampling swab handle at the place with broken mark, cover the sampling tube cover, tighten and save.

Note:too many rotations may result in dilution or loss of the sample. After sampling, make sure that the disposable sampling swab does not touch any other objects.

♠ Product performance:

① Appearance: the appearance of swab should be correct, neat, smooth, uniform in color, without burr, mildew, scar, scratch, crack and other defects. It should be clean, odorless and tasteless. Should feel soft, should not have macula, stain, foreign body.

② Performance: the pull-out force at the junction of connecting rod and sampling head shall not be less than 2n

Iclean swab for new crown sampling(flocked swabs)

Description of Iclean swab for new crown sampling(flocked swab)


Sample Collection Flocked Swabs

flocked swabs for sample collection

flocked swabs for sample collection


Cat.No. Part No. Specification
CY-96000 CY-9600 Flocked Swab for Nasal ;Break point Distance 80 mm
  (from tip end)
CY-96000 VS02 Flocked Swab for Nasal ;Break point Distance 100 mm
  (from tip end)
CY-98000 VS03 Flocked Swab for Throat; Break point Distance 30 mm
  (from tip end)
CY-96000 VS04 Flocked Swab for Throat; Break point Distance 80 mm
  (from tip end)
CY-96000 VS05 Flocked Swab for Throat; Break point Distance 100 mm
  (from tip end)
CY-90003 VS06 Polyester Swab for Throat

Flocked Swab with different required Breakpoint in Peel Pouch – Individually Packaged, Sterile

septic disposable sampling flocking swab is a new technology product of huachenyang science and technology, which is the only patent production in China. Aseptic disposable sampling flocking swab has passed the national quality supervision and medical device testing center for the whole project testing, and issued a test qualified report

Model: cy-96000

Category: nasopharyngeal flocking swab

Manufacturer: Shenzhen huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd

Packing form: 100 pieces / box to 50 boxes / box

The packaging can be customized. For foreign customers who need customized packaging, we can install the required packaging, such as 50 pieces / box to 2500 pieces / box


Throat swab NHS

Throat swab NHS:


Our company uses nylon fiber flocking technology to make cotton swabs. The short nylon fibers are pasted vertically on the cotton swabs with adhesive.

It can prevent human cells from remaining in the collection area during elution,

Thus, the probability of DNA analysis is improved.

We have a patented storage tube for this product.

The swab locates in the middle of the tube that avoids the contamination caused by contact between the collected sample and package. In order to ensure ventilation and prevent fungal contamination, we have a special filter membrane at the bottom of the pipeline. This could also filtrate out impurity with small particle size, enhance the capability of long-term storage.

Throat swab NHS:Characteristics:

  1. The chosen material will not restrain DNA amplification. DNA sample could undergo PCR directly without extraction.
  2. Refined engineering, neither DNA enzyme nor potential amplified human DNA is included.
  3. Transparent tube, observable sample condition.
  4. Patented tube design which ensures air ventilation inside tube and prevents the sample from going mouldy, it could also filtrate out impurities in the surrounding air.

Throat swab NHS:Advantages:

  1. Designed for the mini amount of DNA sample collection in the crime scene, especially for sweat, semen, blood, scurf, buccal cells and so.
  2. Quick absorption and releasing.
  3. Use the sharp tip of the swab to collect the cells between the nails of victims and suspects.
  4. Easily breakable tip design could benefit the sample treatment by auto extraction workspace.
  5. Throat swab NHS:Manufacturer: Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

Pharyngeal swabs are suitable for sampling of natural lumen and other biological parts of any age group. However, flocking has a very light prick on the skin, so before use, those who are allergic to flocking should first put the swab on the sampling part, and then conduct a small allergy test before sampling.If there is any damage, remember not to use it. You must contact the dealer or manufacturer in time to let it go back and forth. If there is allergic phenomenon in the process of use, please stop using it immediately. Remember not to eat, drink, drink, smoke or drink 30 minutes before use Please dispose of the last used swabs according to the local laws.