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Throat swab NHS

Throat swab NHS:


Our company uses nylon fiber flocking technology to make cotton swabs. The short nylon fibers are pasted vertically on the cotton swabs with adhesive.

It can prevent human cells from remaining in the collection area during elution,

Thus, the probability of DNA analysis is improved.

We have a patented storage tube for this product.

The swab locates in the middle of the tube that avoids the contamination caused by contact between the collected sample and package. In order to ensure ventilation and prevent fungal contamination, we have a special filter membrane at the bottom of the pipeline. This could also filtrate out impurity with small particle size, enhance the capability of long-term storage.

Throat swab NHS:Characteristics:

  1. The chosen material will not restrain DNA amplification. DNA sample could undergo PCR directly without extraction.
  2. Refined engineering, neither DNA enzyme nor potential amplified human DNA is included.
  3. Transparent tube, observable sample condition.
  4. Patented tube design which ensures air ventilation inside tube and prevents the sample from going mouldy, it could also filtrate out impurities in the surrounding air.

Throat swab NHS:Advantages:

  1. Designed for the mini amount of DNA sample collection in the crime scene, especially for sweat, semen, blood, scurf, buccal cells and so.
  2. Quick absorption and releasing.
  3. Use the sharp tip of the swab to collect the cells between the nails of victims and suspects.
  4. Easily breakable tip design could benefit the sample treatment by auto extraction workspace.
  5. Throat swab NHS:Manufacturer: Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

Pharyngeal swabs are suitable for sampling of natural lumen and other biological parts of any age group. However, flocking has a very light prick on the skin, so before use, those who are allergic to flocking should first put the swab on the sampling part, and then conduct a small allergy test before sampling.If there is any damage, remember not to use it. You must contact the dealer or manufacturer in time to let it go back and forth. If there is allergic phenomenon in the process of use, please stop using it immediately. Remember not to eat, drink, drink, smoke or drink 30 minutes before use Please dispose of the last used swabs according to the local laws.

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