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Flocking swab

Flocking swab

It not only has excellent ability of sample collection and release,

but also can absorb trace samples rapidly with high release aging rate.

Increasing the number of target cells is helpful to improve the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic test.

Material: ABS + nylon flocking

① In order to improve the efficiency of swab collection and meet the needs of end consumers for high-quality products.

② It is not only an innovative injection nylon fiber technology, but also can maximize the sampling efficiency of cotton swabs.

Nylon fiber not only adheres to the surface of the swab vertically and evenly, but also greatly improves the collection and release efficiency of cell and virus samples.

It not only improves the analysis sensitivity, no sample residue, and speeds up the sample processing process, but also has the unique design of ABS plastic rod which can be broken.

It is suitable for collecting cervix, nasopharynx, oropharynx, forensic medicine, virus, DNA and other samples.

③ The vertical nylon fiber is like a soft brush, which can not only collect more samples, but also enhance the load of water-based sample due to the capillary action between nylon fibers. The sample is concentrated on the surface of cotton swab, which is easy to elute.

④ It has outstanding ability of sample collection and release, can quickly absorb trace samples, and has high release aging rate.

The increase of the number of target cells is helpful to improve the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic test.

Flocking swabs have obvious advantages in nasopharyngeal sampling, microbial sampling, especially in the collection of virus and DNA.

⑥ 100000 class purification environment, strict production process conditions, production under ISO13485 quality control and product CE requirements. No DNase and RNase, no endotoxin, no cell inhibitor.

Advantages of flocking swabs:

① ,The sampling efficiency of flocking swab is very high

② , which can release samples more quickly and completely

③ It can enhance the sensitivity of diagnosis

④ It is more convenient to handle and transport



What are the benefits of flocking swabs?

What are the benefits of flocking swabs?

We all know that flocked swabs can be used to collect samples. We are a leader in the field of medical swabs,

Do you know the benefits of flocking swabs?

(1) Flocking swabs are harmless to organisms, and they can increase the collection and release of specimens as much as possible;

(2) A large number of clinical trials have shown that, compared with ordinary sterile cotton swabs, nylon flocked cotton swabs not only have better collection and transportation effects for clinical microbial specimens, but also for those specimens that cannot be submitted for inspection in time and have been placed for too long.

What are the benefits of huachenyang’s Flocking swabs?

First of all, Huachenyang’s swab not only uses an international medical paper-plastic bag made of medical dialysis paper,

but also an independent package in a large box, which is particularly convenient to use.
Secondly, our swabs can also choose different preservation solutions and sampling tubes for different types of specimens (for example, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma or chlamydia, etc.).
Furthermore, our swab adopts unique electrostatic spray implantation nylon fiber technology to increase the collection and release of specimens.
Then our fluffy swab can collect more target analytes, and not only has no specimen residues, but also speeds up specimen processing.