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Introduction of DNA Blood Collection Card

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DNA Blood Collection Card  technical parameter

  1. Thickness of filter paper: 0.5mm + 0.01mm
  2. Ash content of filter paper: 0.1%+0.001%
  3.  Assembling environment: clean workshop, 100,000 grade, relative humidity 30% – 50%.
  4. Total number of colony: According to GB/T 14233.2-93 “Inspection methods for infusion, blood transfusion and syringes Part II: Biological experimental methods”, the test was qualified.
  5. Effective area: 5*5 cm 25 square or 12 mm diameter of double collection ring.
  6. Antiseptic and bactericidal effect: The nano-silver solution has antimicrobial, antiseptic and bactericidal effects, which can effectively ensure the stability of DNA samples in the storage process.
  7. DNA blood collection card can be stored at room temperature for a long time without refrigeration, which greatly reduces the cost of DNA preservation.
  8. A sample can be used for multiple target DNA, and it can be used many times for review and re-examination.
  9. No human pollution
  10. Print text information and your company’s brand GOLO according to customer’s requirements DNA blood card consumables FTA blood sample collection card is designed for collecting, transporting and storing samples of various biological fluids (such as blood, semen, saliva), cell culture fluid, microorganisms, plant tissues and viruses at room temperature.

Through the unique formula and production process, the product has the functions of protein denaturation, cell membrane rupture, DNA adsorption and immobilization, and inhibiting bacterial growth. The quality of blood collection is high, and the sample is stable.


The advantages of DNA blood sampling card consumables FTA blood sample collection card:

1. DNA blood sampling card FTA blood sample collection card is convenient and fast to use, blood sample extraction is more standardized, ensuring the quality and success of blood sample preservation and inspection is the second, avoiding the degradation of blood sample DNA caused by gauze extraction and defatted cotton extraction is the third, single sample collection design, avoiding cross-contamination between samples is the fourth, one sample can be repeated. Repeated inspection is convenient for review.


DNA blood card consumables FTA blood sample collection card has a wide range of applications: it can be used for the detection of some diseases caused by bacteria or viruses, as well as for genetic disease analysis and cancer detection.


It can be used for DNA extraction and PCR operation of Library samples for legal and family identification, and a simple and easy-to-operate automatic DNA extraction procedure can be established by using automatic DNA extraction instrument.


Especially in the process of blood collection for high-risk groups, it can greatly reduce the need for blood samples, while inactivating infectious bacteria or viruses, avoid contamination of operators, and strengthen the protection of blood collectors.


DNA memory card can also be used to extract DNA from crime scene, collect DNA samples of plants and animals in the field, etc.


DNA Blood Collection Card Product packaging

  • Packing 1: 400 cards/boxes
  • Packing 2: 50 CARDS + 50 sampling tools + 50 DNA database cowhide bags
  • Packing 3: 30 cards sterilized cotton slices, sterilized cotton slices, collection needles, DNA database cowhide Bag Gloves

DNA Blood Collection Card Usage method

  1. Remove a small sample of Yingkai Blood Collection Card from Yingkai FTA Card with a perforator. For blood and bacterial DNA samples,
     1.2mm disk is recommended. For other types of samples, 2.0mm discs were taken. Sample discs were inserted into the PCR amplification tube.
  2. Add 200 ml FTA purification reagent (Waterman product number: WG120204).
  3. Culture at room temperature for 5 minutes (suitable artificial mixing in tube if necessary).
  4. Use a suction tube to absorb all the FTA purifying reagents used in the tube.
  5.  Repeat steps 2-4 twice and rinse three times with FTA purification reagent.
  6. Add 200 ml TE-1 buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl, 0.1 mM EDTA, pH 8.0) into the PCR tube.
  7.  Culture at room temperature for 5 minutes.
  8.  Use suction tube to suck out all TE-1 buffer used in the tube.
  9.  Repeat steps 6-8 and wash twice with TE-1 buffer.
  10.  The treated wafers are dried at room temperature for about an hour, or at 56 C for 10 minutes. The FTA disc is ready for subsequent DNA analysis.

Product characteristics

  • Data base DNA blood collection paper, blood sample stored for more than 10 years is still suitable for STR
  • Easy to use, more standardized blood sample extraction, to ensure the quality of blood sample preservation, inspection and detection rate
  • Single sample collection can avoid cross-contamination between samples.
  • Sampling at one time can be repeated for multiple checks to facilitate re-examination and review.
  • Sample information is recorded directly on the cover to avoid confusion.
  • There is liquid anti-seepage and anti-pollution protection inside the acquisition card
  • Natural information to be recorded on blood collection card and sampling bag includes: information of the person being sampled: name, sex, personnel number, certificate number, identity address, name of the case involved, etc.


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