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How to use Huachenyang oral swab 98000

How to use Huachenyang oral swab 98000

Steps for usage

Step 1: tear off the sealing paper on the oral swab packaging bag, and gently take out the sampling swab from the bag. Note that the sampling swab should not touch other items other than the inner wall of the oral cavity to avoid contamination.

Step 2: Hold the oral swab to one side of the mouth, rotate the inner wall mucosa for 10-15 times, and then move it up and down 5-10 times to wipe with moderate force. It is advisable to stick to the inner wall of the oral cavity to ensure the sampling swab The oral mucosa exfoliated cells can be dipped everywhere; so according to the same method, collect them on the other side of the inner wall of the oral cavity.

Step 3: After the collection is completed, please take the oral swab out of the mouth and put it into the sampling test tube, break off the sampling swab handle at the place with the broken mark, cover the sampling test tube cover, and finally take out the barcode and paste it on the sampling test tube cover The junction with the pipe is sealed and sent for inspection in time.


(1) Prepare a cup of normal saline, drink about 50-100 ml of saline and rinse your mouth thoroughly for about 10-20 seconds, then spit it out.

(2) Gently tear open the packaging bag of the oral swab as much as possible, hold the handle of the oral swab with your hand (note: do not touch the head of the sampling swab with your hands and other objects), and extend the left side of the sampling stick out of the mouth The swab enters the inner wall of the water chamber (touch the inside of the cheek on the left side), and then roll it up and down with the strength of brushing (wipe 15 to 30 times).

(3) In fact, use the same method to take a second buccal swab and extend it to the right side of the inner wall of the injection cavity for sampling. Continue to scrape cell DNA samples.

(4) Not only put the collected oral swab into the cell preservation solution and break the head, put it into the sampling tube, paste the barcode, and put it in the back bag, but also write down the name, date and other relevant information.

(5) Finally, complete the sampling and send to the laboratory.

(6) Take care not to touch the sampling head with hands and other objects.

(7) Do not smoke, drink, eat, etc. 30 minutes before sampling.

(8) In fact, oral swabs are disposable products and should not be used twice. Do not use if the packaging is damaged.


Huachenyang Nylon Flocking Swabs have undergone a large number of clinical experiments to show that, compared with ordinary sterile cotton swabs, Huachenyang Nylon Flocking Swabs have a better effect on the collection and transportation of clinical microbial specimens. This is especially true for those specimens that cannot be submitted for inspection in time and have been placed for too long.

1. Because of the unique spray-type implanting nylon fiber technology, the collection and release of specimens are increased.

2. The swab has a total length of 14.5cm, and the plastic rod has a unique breakable design.

3. The fluffy texture can collect more target analytes.

4. There is no residual specimen volume, which speeds up the process of specimen processing.

5. The swab is sterilize and individually package.

How to use Huachenyang oral swab 98000

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