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What is the lysate virus sampling tube

What is the lysate virus sampling tube

The lysate virus sampling tube is also call the inactivate virus sampling tube. Its preservation solution contains lysis salt and other components, which are use to lyse and inactivate the virus. It can protect the inspectors from the second infection of the virus. Inactivate virus preservation solution is mainly a virus lysis preservation solution modify from nucleic acid extraction lysis solution,

which is add with a high concentration of lysis salt,

which can quickly and efficiently lyse and inactivate the virus protein in the sample to be test, and also contains RNase Inhibitors, which can not only protect the viral nucleic acid from being degrade,

but also ensure the integrity of the nucleic acid and affect the subsequent test results. It can also be store for a relatively long time at room temperature, saving the cost of virus samples and transportation.

Features of lysate virus sampling tube (inactivated virus sampling tube):

1. Simple operation and use, no need to prepare liquid, the system contains high-efficiency virus lysis solution, the virus can be inactivate after sampling, effectively preventing the risk of secondary infection, and ensuring the safety of transportation and testing personnel.

2. Viral DNA/RNA can be store and transport at room temperature for 1 week without degradation. After extraction according to most commercial kits, the DNA or RNA obtain is of good quality and high yield,

and can complete various genetic testing and analysis experiments. , Such as PCR or qPCR, etc,

while saving transportation costs.

3. Contains nucleic acid RNase inhibitors to maximize the protection of virus nucleic acid from being degraded and greatly improve the efficiency of nucleic acid extraction. It is suitable for the collection, preservation and transportation of common virus samples such as new coronavirus, influenza virus,

hand-foot-mouth virus, etc. It can collect throat swabs, nasal swabs or tissue samples of specific parts, and the stored samples can be used for subsequent clinical nucleic acid extraction or purification test.

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