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Huachenyang Sterile Sampling Swabs

Huachenyang Sterile Sampling Swabs

Huachenyang™ Sterile Sampling Swabs have been engineered to efficiently collect biological fluids for elution and analysis, especially nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal sampling.

Sampling Swabs are ETO sterilized — free from human DNA, enzymes that degrade DNA and RNA, and polymerase chain reaction inhibitors.

Swab heads are available with either flocked or foam material.

Brush-like flocking microfiber cotton swabs are not only more comfortable, soft and have high surface area absorbency, but also can quickly absorb fluid samples by capillary.

Because Huachenyang sterile sampling swabs can provide more consistent and reproducible sample collection, which greatly reduces re-sampling.

Factory Certificates available:

FDA Registered
ISO13485:2016 since 2018 (TÜV Rheinland)
EC Certificate Dir 93/42/EEC Annex V
Made for iClean™ by HUACHENYANG

Head: Nylon Microfiber
Handle: Polystyrene or ABS
Microfiber provides high surface area for rapid capillary absorption of fluid specimens.
Flocking (brush-like nylon fibers) ideal for a sample collection from irregular surfaces.
The Head material structure is linear and open, which facilitates rapid absorption and thorough release of the specimen into the analyzing solution.

nasal swabs

Sterile Swabs: 100pcs/box (Designed for Collection of Nasopharyngeal Specimens)
Please contact us for bulk pricing on orders over 20 boxes (2000 swabs)

Features of sterile flocking swabs

Huachenyang’s sterile flocking swab not only has vertical nylon fibers, it can optimize specimen collection and elution into the transport medium.

And these sterile nasal swabs also have a molded breakpoint that allows you to remove the swab stick safely and easily.

Different test tubes can also provide different breakpoint options.

Unlike traditional fiber swabs (similar to mattresses or pads), Cleanmo’s flocked nasal swabs do not have an internal absorbent core to disperse and wrap the specimen.

Not only is the entire sample close to the surface, but it can also be quickly and completely. Using the vertical nylon fibers of a sterile flocking swab as a soft brush can not only improve the collection of cell samples.

Moreover, the capillary action between the fiber bundles facilitates the strong hydraulic absorption of the liquid sample, and the sample stays close to the surface for easy elution.

Furthermore, these nasal swabs are collect nasopharyngeal specimens for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) processing to help detect virus specimens.

Manufacturer: Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

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