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Sterile Specimen collection swab

Sterile Specimen collection swab


Azer Scientific’s swabs are designed for a more efficient collection of patient samples compared to other traditional fiber swabs. Perpendicular nylon fibers at the end of the swab act like a soft brush which allows for improved collection of cells. 

• Flocking head width 6 mm

• Length of planting pile: 20 mm

• Total length of swabs 150 mm

• Head material – nylon fiber

• breakpoint 30 mm

Features Include

  • Ergonomic and Anatomic Design – Swabs are designed for improved patient comfort and specimen collection 
  • Rapid Automatic Elution – Samples are efficiently removed from swab once placed into liquid media
  • Improved Sample Collection – Brush-like tips that are superior in dislodging cells and collecting liquid 
  • Quantitative Volume Transfer – Consistent load of sample on the swab and into transfer tube results in a higher quantity of sample for analysis 

How do Flock Swabs work?
Studies have shown that Flock Swabs significantly improve the number of samples collected and released into various cultures and assay systems improving the quality of diagnostics. Thanks to multiple engineered designs and fabrications, the Azer Flocked Swab improves not only sample collection but also patient comfort.

Better sample collection
Liquid secretions are efficiently absorbed between perpendicular fibers by capillary action. The Flock Swab is more effective at dislodging cells and collecting cellular material thanks to its brush-like texture. By capillary action, the sample is effectively attached to the surface of the nylon fibers

Sterile Specimen collection swab

manafacture:Huachenyang(Shenzhen) technology co,.ltd

made in china

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